Right doesn’t talk of rights because it believes in taking away your rights
It does not recognize education as a right as it awakens people to demand more rights
Right creates myths and false pride around nation and religion so that you condition yourself to live without rights
Right attacks your very basic needs before you realise what is right

Issues of left which you think has left
Equality, Justice, Rights which you believe has permanently left
Will come back from where it has left
Once you realise communalism, nationalism, casteism are taking you nowhere and need to be left

Right which believes that fascism is right
And establishing theocracy is a matter of right
Where majoritarian might is right
It will release forces which is anti-right

Issues which were left will come back in the form of left
Unemployment, Exploitation, Discrimination which were depicted as matters to be left
Will come to haunt right which it believed could be left
To show the irrelevance of issues of right which is to be left

When issues of right communalism, nationalism, casteism, racism seems all encompassing
And issues of left equality, justice and rights to be in the passing
Historical forces will be created where right need to be left
And bring back left to be at core which is right

 TH Sreerama is retired from Central Warehousing Corporation



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