Statement in solidarity with IITK students who peacefully marched on 17th December


We stand in complete solidarity with the students of IIT Kanpur who marched on 17th December against the police violence inflicted upon protesting students of AMU, JMI and other universities against CAA and NRC.

According to the student organisers, they took admin permission for the march on the previous day itself but when they reached the assembly point, they were told by the admin that they would not be allowed to march because of imposition of 144 in Kanpur. Around 300 people, students and faculty, gathered to march. There were 5-10 people, students and faculty, who were opposing the march. When the students demanded a written office order they were shown a three weeks old office order. They also found that the clauses laid down by the order did not apply to them. They therefore decided to proceed with the march, which was concluded peacefully and without any untoward incidents. A statement of solidarity was released after the march.

Before the start of the march, Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s famous Hum Dekhenge was read out, which has become a controversy now. People who opposed the march later complained to the Director about that poem. An article titled ‘When All Idols Will Be Removed…Only Allah’s Name Will Remain’: Jamia Solidarity Event At IIT Kanpur Sparks Row appeared in Swarajya magazine on 21st December. The article detailed the contents of the complaint and argued that the march was communal. On the same day, the students’ magazine, Vox Populi, carried a response to the article in Swarajya magazine. This article explained the sequence of the events of 17th December and explained how the poem has to be understood within its context and how the Swarajya article is an attempt to communalise the gathering.

After the article from Vox, on the same day within hours, there was a tweet from the institute Director saying that no permission was granted to the march and a high level committee had been constituted to investigate and take disciplinary action.

The complaint and the response from the Director would have, understandably, created a lot of pressure on students to withdraw the Students’ Gymkhana statement and the Vox article.

We feel that the threat of high-level committee and disciplinary action is a clear attempt to stifle the voice of the students of IIT Kanpur. As citizens of this country, the students have every right to peacefully express their opinions on any subject.

At this moment we feel that it is our duty to express our solidarity with the students of IIT Kanpur who are being threatened for expressing their opinions and for standing in solidarity with their fellow students from other universities.

We, the undersigned, believe that the IITK administration should encourage dialogue and abandon the idea of any disciplinary action which amounts to intimidation of students.




Full Name Current Affiliation Affiliation with IIT Kanpur (Students/Staff/Faculty/Alumni/Community member/Others)
Amit Singh IIT Bombay Alumnus
Himanshu Srivastava Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education Alumnus
GrishmaUdani Rinema Alumni
IshaSood Against CAA Alumni
vishalvivekjacob Alumni Alumni
Sakthivel Post Doc fellow Alumni
Rajendra Sahai Retired Graduate of 1966, Alumni
Rajendra Sahai Professional Engineer, Retired Alumni, 1966 graduation
Johnson Alumni Alumni
Johnson Alumni Alumni
Sephora Jose Research scholar, IITK Student
Irfan Qayoom IIT Kanpur Student
Paul Mathew Assistant Professor, Christ University, Bangalore Alumni
Kuver Sinha University of Oklahoma Alumnus
binoy Alumni
Vikas Dubey IIT Kanpur Student
Aravind Muthusamy Alumni Alumni
Komal Chauhan Research scholar Student
Vaishali Gite NO
Reuben student
Meenakshi Saharan Student
Shiv Kumar Yadav Tiss, Student
Mohd Usman IIT Kanpur Student
Mohammad Anas Student
Shadab Alam IIT Kanpur Student
Izhar Hussain Khan PhD scholar Student
Ahmed Sameer Student of Prof.Braj Bhushan
Nisha Sihag Research scholar Student
Faisal Anwar Tata motors Alumni
Angad Chandhok Alumni
Arnab Sarkar Student Student
PrawalGangwar Fortanix Alumni
KaameshSingam PhD in HSS, IIT Kanpur Student
Aditi Saraswat Student
Abhishek Savarnya Student
Sushil Handa Consulting Engineer Graduate of 1966 Batch B. tech.
Ali Asad IITK Project staff
Faisal Anwar Tata motors Alumni
Aditya Jain Working at Tata Motors Ltd. Pune Alumnus
Qazi Sarah Rasheed IIT Kanpur Student
Angana Das PhD student Student
Rahul Bera PhD student, ETH Zürich Alumni
Sahil Saharan Student Nil
Sahil Singh Job Alumni
Rakesh Gamare Other
MR. VIJAYANAND SHARMA Chairman, Federation of Retired SAIL Employees Alumni
Rubia Hassan Student
Suvrat Raju International Centre for Theoretical Sciences Outside, Academic
Taha Sheikh University of Toronto Alumni
Ansari Abdullah PhD Scholar Alumni 2018 Batch
Vivek Kumar Mehta Alumni
Dhruv Sihag BS Student
MUJEEBU RAHMAN K C Phd student Student
Vineet Singh Delhi School of Social Work, University of Delhi Friend with a PhD scholar in Sociology
Anshikha Adhikari PhD student, IIT Kanpur Student
Jeeshan Ahmed MTECH Y16 passed out MTECH Y16
Anjoom Student Student
Oviya Mohan IIT KANPUR Student
Pritha Sarkar PhD student Student
Aditya Prakash Morey Alumni
Aastha Sharma IIT-K Yes
Anirban Majumder Engineer Alumni
Ashabari Majumdar University of Notre Dame Student
Deepshikha Ola Alumni
Arya AlphonsaBoban Alumni
Hardip Grewal Editor, Cambridge University Press Other
Shubham Gupta ClearTax Alumni
Nirmali Goswami Tezpur University PhD student 2004 batch
Sayan malas Others
Shreya Agrawal Project Employee
Debojyoti Das Research Student Others
Rajorshi Ray P.hD. Scholar Student
Niti Shekhar PhD Student
Minhaj Nizami Alumni
Prem Surya Students
Deepak Kumar Behera University of Arizona Alumni
ApratyasitaTripathy PhD(Sociology) Student
Kanu Priya IIT Kanpur Student
Rishabh Gupta Alumni
Satyaki Bhattacharya ISI, Kolkata Students
Arati Banerjee PanihatiMahavidyalaya Not affiliated
Anurag Prabhakar Alumnus, 2019, EE Dual Degree
SougataMardanya Student
Samarth Bansal Journalist Alumni, UG Y11
Monika Mahto Alumni, Y15
shiwashree others others
Nandini Dhar OP Jindal Global University Others
Srijan R Shetty Alumni
Iffat Siddiqui Kellogg School of Management Alumni
Anurag Vaishnav Alumni
Chirag Gupta Carnegie Mellon University Alumni
Triya Bhattacharya Alumnus
Uzair Ahmed student
Aman Pandya Alumni Alumni
Dipanjan Mukherjee Others
Jaskaran Singh Student at IIT Kanpur Student
RafatJaah Alumni
ManzurAlam IIT KANPUR Student
Partha De IIT Madras Others
Mohammad Amir Student Student
Mohammad Amir Student Student
Faisal Raghib IIT Kanpur Alumni
Faraz Ahmad Khan Student Student
Ruchika Jainp Student
Nancy goyal Student
Nancy goyal Student
Dheeraj Agarwal Software professional Alumni
Beauty Das teacher others
Humera Siddiqui PhD Alumni
Ishank Modi IIT Kanpur Student
Jeenu Thomas IITK alum (2011-2016) Alumni
Kundan Kumar Alumni Alumni
Parth Vaswani Alumni
Usama Ghayas Syed Student Student
SarveshKoyande Dr. Reddy’s Alumni
Mohdamir Student Others
Abdul Gafoor Research Scholar Others
Abhay Kumar Alumni
Sarbojit Roy Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Student
Deepa Sahchari Alumnus
Suchitra Mathur IIT Kanpur Faculty
Shoebusmani ex-student alumni
Vaibhav Vaish Alumni
Santanu Poddar MSc Chemistry Student
Faisal Jaah Student
Joy Das Bairagya Student Student
Kevin Jose University of Southampton Alumni
Anurag Jain Others
Piyali Roy University of Calcutta Students
Nishant Alumnus
Ritam Dutta No
Rohan Sharma Student at University of British Columbia Alumni
Siddharth Ramachandran Boston University Alumnus
Subrata Das Publisher Publisher
Abhilash Mittal Alumnus
Prabir Saha Student Student
Rishikesh Alumni
Divya Singh IIT Kanpur Student
IpshitaSaha Student Others
SubhasisSaha Yes.
Dharmendra Kumar Das Program facilitator, HSRLM Community member
Agam Prakash Shukla Member, CF, IITK Retd. IITK Employee
Arun Karthik B. Alumni 2012
SUPROTIM SAHA M. Sc Physics 2nd Year Student
Varun Pandit Senior Research Analyst Alumni
Vijaya Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti, Kanpur was a resident of IITK
Asit Pal Masters in science Student
Manoranjan Student
Sudhir Sharma Working at UN Alumni
Priya Iyer IISc Alumni
Mohammad Owais Student
Amman Madan Azim Premji University Ex-Faculty
Sarifulmolla MSc 2nd yr Students
Ashok Gupta Ohio University Alumnus
Aftab Hossain Khan Student Others
Vijaya Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti, Kanpur Was a resident of I I T k
SusantaBhunia Student
Sanchari Pal IIT Kanpur PhD student
Meesam Jafri Student Student
Aman Sharma IIT kanpur Student
Dheeraj Singh Alumni
Koustuv Ray Alumni
Jyoti Yadav Student Student
Madhusree Sarkar IIT Kharagpur PhD Student
Rohit tyagi Student Student
Anurag Sahay PhD candidate, University of Rochester Alumni (BS-MS dual degree/MTH/Y11)
Pritam Palit Research Scholar Alumni
Shrestha Biswas Student Student
Ayan Kumar Nai IIT KANPUR Students
Habib ali PhD Students
Jyotshna Bali Senior Research Associate Alumni / Staff
Sandeep SHUKLA IIT Kanpur Faculty
Md Waseem Ahmad Assistant professor, NITK Alumni
Aqeel A. Malani Student Student
Ayan Kumar Nai IIT KANPUR Students
Ayush Mukherjee Alumni
Meesam Jafri IIT Kanpur Students
MD HASHIR HASHMI Student Student
Debojit Chanda M.Sc. (Physics) at IITK Student
Mohammad AfrozAlam Alumni
Manish Mishra IISER Pune Alumni
Abhaya Agarwal Alumni
Manish Kumar Gautam Alumnus
Chaitanya Jee Srivastava Alumni Alumni
Kamlesh Bharodiya Alumnus
RidhFiza 10+1 studying They are our counterpart
Priyanka Chakraborty Msc chemistry Others
Dhunirajchettri Student Student
Vishal Alumni



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