All Nature Conservation Activities/ Struggles

Will have the nature of Nature itself

The coolness of trees

The calmness of rivers

The ability of wind

To set in a motion all that it touches

A person devoid of kindness

Love and care

A person without a rainbow and a song in his/ her heart

Can never be part of a Nature Conservation activity

It will not even be considered a need

To love is a Nature Conservation activity

( If lovers live for a while in a desert

It will eventually turn into a green rainforest)

To smile at all those we meet

To lay your head on the shoulders of one nearby

And shed a tear When feeling sad

Is also a Nature Conservation Activity

To converse in low tones

To forgive someone

Is that not Nature Conservation Activity?

To caress the left hand with the right hand

Is Nature Conservation Activity

To realise that one is God’s feet

That each step brings one  closer to where he dwells

That one is his eyes and voice

Is itself Nature Conservation Activity

Free translation of a beautiful essay  in Malayalam written by V.T.Jayadevan on 8th January after a long conversation with him about open spaces and green trees under which children and youth can play and find oneself, spaces that are build up and covered with concrete by minds and attitudes  that divide and disintegrate.



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