I have dents and bumps
On my shanks from soccer.
My shins are covered
With them and I marvel
At their feel that took place
When I was a teen
And there were no shin guards.

My son-in-law is More.
He was a professional soccer player,
A doctoral physicist and a MD.

He is so much younger than me
So my competing is futile.
Although too much age discrepancy exists,
I still have knowledge of playing soccer hard,
But the old in sixties body doesn’t conform.
So I give up the soccer vision
Of running and kicking a ball
As if the wind motivates me.

I do not give up, including on my older sister
With six specialists at John Hopkin’s Hospital
For her gradual health demise.
So I give her love and advise.

Doing so is nothing new.
How about cutting your food intake
So As to have money to feed street people
Sandwiches that one gives on purpose.

Don’t think that so-called third world countries
Are different than the wealthy USA.
My hand giving out sandwiches,
My concern for a sister and so much more
Attests to my being,
Although I must forget soccer for these old bones of mine.

I evolve as my body does.
I keep on my initial paths regardless of the trajectory.
Resourceful, we can adjust to changes and still keep our purposes.

Sally Dugman lives in MA, USA.




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