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Cow vigilantism, Article 370, Ayodhya verdict and now the evil conjoined twins NRC-CAA. This dispensation is unsurprisingly on an exclusionist rampage and will one leave no stone unturned till they are well on their way to attaining Hindu-rashtra as they have purported to achieve directly and indirectly. Nevermind the fact that Article 14, which many people believe applies only to citizens, is actually ecumenical and applies just as much to ‘aliens’. As do Articles 21 (life and liberty) and 25 (freedom to propagate, profess and practise religion of choice).

The protests have brought together people from different strata, backgrounds — religious, social and political — and age groups together in what (if it gains momentum and does not fizzle out in a few days’ time) can truly be a massive bottom-up, people’s movement. This, by all means, is impressive in the polarized times we find ourselves in. But how long before the movement is appropriated by political parties for electoral expedience? One example from the recent years that comes to mind is that of India Against Corruption. It was an explosive conflagration and had a brilliant run. It could actually have resulted into a law with actual teeth akin to what the movement initially demand had it not turned into a Hindutva circus like it did. While one might argue that these are all just whims of a multi-party democracy, it is this very co-option that loses mass support bit by bit. One can hope it does not happen with this seemingly uphill climb. Not only has the SC refused to stay the implementation proving once again that our institutions have eroded, the brazen Shah and all of Shah’s men are vociferously repeating their intentions to never back down.

Amid all this, chants of ‘Hindu Muslim ek hai’ might be all fine and dandy. But I wish to ask Hindus and fellow atheists born to Hindu parents, does this really have grim ramifications on you? A show of support and solidarity is much needed and appreciated, but is it really enough? What I wish to express next is a rather sensitive matter, but if we truly wish to save India from her government, relentlessly seeking a Hindu India, perhaps this might be the only truly effectual way. Civil disobedience and refusal to submit documents in an event of a nation-wide NRC is noble, and indeed every person who believes herself to be a liberal should not waver before joining the movement. However, the fact of the matter is, Hindu privilege in a majoritarian state will continue to remain intact and unchanged. Sure, there might be arrests, there might be detention cells and the Hindus will embrace it with and for their Muslim brethren. But the treatment meted out to Muslims, under a Hindutva government, will continue to remain exceptionally brutal, exceptionally iniquitous, and distinctly humiliating.

At this point, I call to all my fellow liberals who are practising Hindus, or atheists born into Hindu faith, to consider converting to Islam. The motivations may be purely political in nature, but I do believe this is one bandwagon that needs to be jumped. Is it not worth considering? Will it not be an apt slap in the face of Hindutva? As reprehensible as it is, whenever there are terror attacks in the name of Islam, people are quick to ask the ‘moderate muslims’ to condemn the act. The onus, for inexplicable, emotive reasons, is on regular civilians to defend their intentions. Not to mention having to deal with the unwarranted hatred and prejudice.

While it is true that people of all faiths have come out in throngs to condemn the communalising of the ruling dispensation, being the ‘majority’, is it not incumbent on liberals who practise Hinduism to go a step ahead? Is it not time for us to denounce the religion altogether and join the ranks of our Muslim brethren, not just in spirit, but also through action? Some might impugn this view by calling it a rabblerousing and communalising one. To them I will like to remind that Hindus and Hinduism have gotten away with far too much for far too long. We are often embarrassingly blind to our privilege. Making lofty statements like ‘not in my name’ don’t do much to assuage or remedy those that suffer due to the religious and political philosophies that are Hinduism and Hindutva (Dalits and Muslims, in particular). Moreover, the steamrolling of secularism and the attack on India’s pluralism is not being done by non-state forces, but by an elected government. It is us who elected them. So indeed, the onus is on us to emphatically prove that their excesses and injustices are not in our name, by taking actual action and not just by holding placards making such claims.

It is now time to rise as a tide. To be sure, even converting won’t take away from the privilege that we are conferred with. Our lived experiences will continue to remain those of a cocooned, sheltered community with forces like the RSS crying ad nauseum about imaginary threats and persecution. Dissociation with Hindutva while clinging to Hinduism and its virtues is not enough. Nor is it legitimate. Dissociation in the truest sense is only possible by joining the ranks of those who will be in the line of fire in the real sense. Do we have the conviction to repudiate the aegis that being a Hindu (or being born in Hindu faith) in an India governed by fundamentalists offers us? Can we assert our opposition to the abhorrent classification of those practising Islam as second-class citizens, by giving up the superior status that we as Hindus are invariably handed, en masse?

Polemical, tokenistic and purely symbolic, it may be. Is it not finally time for those who call themselves liberals to to find the will to power? To voluntarily, radically and collectively call out the travesty and sham that the idea of pluralistic secularism has been made in this republic?

Maitreyee is a researcher working for a think tank in Bombay. She is trying to understand and mull over the terms of being a good ally while dealing with and acknowledging her privilege in this very inequitable word. When she is not torturing herself with thoughts, she enjoys books, poetry, wits and laughs.



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  1. Manmohan says:

    What is the author high on??? Is it a satire???

  2. You are really off the rockers. Fix up an appointment with your shrink.

  3. Fuck you says:

    Chutiya all over the world

  4. Will struggle to find a more idiotic article. The author is an absolute lunatic

  5. Harsh Truth says:

    What the actual fuck is this? Why should we convert to Islam if Islam is much much much worse than Hindutva? Who the fuck thinks this is a good idea? I’m an Atheist who’s against Hindutva and Islam and Christianity, asking Atheists to Be Religious and to Embrace Religion, and not just any Religion. This person is nuts, what’s the criteria for writing articles nowadays? This was such a shitshow that it should be classified as Mental Illness.

  6. SthalaSayanam says:

    Next what, choose the sect you want to be in? Sunni-Wahabi, Shia, Hazara, Ahmedia, ISIS, ISI……take your pick for the choice to destabilise is so vast! Would Maitreyee – a revered Hindu Goddess name besmirched – like to spend a day with the friendly “dressed” people in North West Frontier Province OR have a nice vacation in Aleppo, Syria? why not Beirut where the Christians as majority of 70% upto the 1970s ran the country like Switzerland and then your friendly peaceful took over to destroy it forever; may be you should visit Hamas side of Lebanon to a wonderful treat and hospitality. Oh yeah, if you wish to be locked inside a mobile “TENT” like in your other friendly Afghanistan, then kabul should be your destination!
    Simple solution to your hallucinations: Get used to NaMo and Amit. Be a good INDIAN Nationalist and a HINDU!

    • Haha rightly said lol. I don’t where do they find such rectum of a peddler. In the journalism she is just vomited bull shit and the stench is coming through my desktop.

  7. What the hell is this ? WOKE PEOPLE HAVE GONE MAD



    • CharmingRamsayBolton says:

      Why just oppose NRC or CAA? Clearly you have no sympathy for Hindu victims of Islamic persecution in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. So why not just go full fledged and go KaBoom?

  8. Techno glitch says:

    Thank you, I would rather consider dying than convert.

  9. I am amazed such ppl exist ! waste of life

  10. Leftists are terrorists. says:

    Utter poop. LOL

  11. Observer says:

    Can’t tell if this is a serious article by a eccentric activist, or satire by a Hindutva troll…

    This is terrible advice.

    This would literally validate the Hindutva narratives about Islamists wanting to convert all Hindus.

    Hindus, Muslims etc should feel no need to convert to show solidarity for discrimination and persecution of other communities in any nation.

    Pluralism is the only way.

    Imagine asking even Atheists, who have struggled and managed to free themselves from the shackles of religion, to convert.

    Shame! How did this even get published?

    • Maitreyee says:

      Hi, thank you for your comment. I do agree that pluralism is the only way to go. In an ideal world when one community is not being ruthlessly targeted in what is supposed to be a secular land, it indeed is.

      But, can we discount the fact that atheists born into Hindu faith really do not have to face any implications of the kind of discrimination that is being meted out? The discrimination reserved for Muslims (and oppressed and marginalized castes)? Does being a practitioner of atheism reflect on your documents? Won’t you still be a Hindu (if indeed born to Hindu parents) for all intents and purposes when it comes to legal matters and/or matters of exclusion basis faith?

      Can we also discount the fact that the jurisprudence of Article 14 is being violated on the most seminal level just to exclude one set of people (Muslims) pointedly?All religions are equal, sure. But when you have a Hindutva government bent on not giving “equal treatment” to “equal groups” so they can further their ambitions of Hindu rashtra?

      Radical action needs to at least be considered, no? Because turning a blind eye to it is just like trying to counter “black lives matter” with “all lives matter”, for example.

      • hey one with boon of ignorance kindly pay attention

        Article 14 says – equality before law and equal protection of law

        now you may ask why CAA treats unequally , then know that article 14 says ” only people situated in similar situation” to be treated equally , that is only likes to be treated alike, the article empowers the govt. to make different laws for differently situated people

        pay attention – read words properly ONLY “similarly situated people” are to be treated equally and not all people.
        laws can be different for men and women with women having certain advantages and protection that men may not have by law, SC/ST act is not available to non sc/st people. General category people can not demand caste based reservation, Hindu temples come under govt. while religious places of minorities don’t.

        similarly, Govt. need not to treat minority and majority of pakistan and bangladesh alike. it is proven minority is prosecuted there, so they have been given shelter, while majority religion there is rightly excluded. muslims there are not prosecuted for being muslims.

      • Harsh Truth says:

        What the fuck Mate? Are you off your pills, again? All religions are not equal, first of all. And what does it matter, or what does religion matter to you when you won’t show your documents?

        Also have you heard of a simple fucking democratic process called Voting them out of power? Are you seriously deranged or are you doing this for clicks?and Please don’t view the problem of India from a European Lens or a Hypocritical Uncle Sam’s lens. Also, Black Lives Matter is a joke in 2019 and Please use better examples, anyone can slice your arguments by simply pointing out how absurd the comparison is.

      • Left are fascists says:

        You make several unsubstianted crass assumptions. ‘Discrimination is NOT just ‘reserved for Muslims’ and you yourself have reflected this by your own discriminatory article!

        Discrimination can happen to anyone. Assia Bibi [Christian] and Mashal Khan [Atheist] Pakistan, comes to mind. Discrimination is also self-evident when you see thousands of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains and Farsis being persecuted in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan to name but a few countries in the current times.

        As for suppressed castes, I agree that casteism is a social evil. However casteism exists amongst ALL South Asian religions including Sunni Islam. Why don’t you start by criticizing all South Asian religions for casteism and see how far you get with that.

        By the way if you knew anything about Hinduism then you would know that Caste is not prescribed by Hinduism. Caste was implemented by successive invaders to India in order to dominate the indigenous population.

        It just shows that George Orwell was right. If the left goes far enough left it becomes Totalitarian and becomes as fascist as the Nazis.

      • Atheists and apostates are killed in Muslim countries if they admitted to it.

        But yes, atheists are not persecuted in those countries…right? I am sure that KSA which routinely executes such people is definitely the bastion of equanimity, justice and peace…you pathetic weasel.

      • To protest or show my solidarity to a community i need to change my religious belief. For a white guy in US to support black lives or African American civil rights should he became African? Can he or c actually? Even if it happens culturally it is termed as appropriation.

        Hindu privilege? By that u mean upper caste privilege not the Dalits and tribals who follow Hinduism. They don’t have any privilege and are even looked down upon by the community u want Hindus to convert.

        Further, in this country hindi -urdu speaker irrespective of caste religion or gender are more privileged than non hindi population of the country. Let the Hindi speaking population show solidarity to the non hindi people and fight for linguistic equality which the hindutva brigade doesn’t want. Let Hindi speaking people shun their language and choose any of the non hindi languages native to this nation. Preferably those which are going to get extinct. What say?

      • Intolerant Infidel says:

        There are 50+ Anti Minority Fascist Islamist States, why don’t you advice the Muslims to convert and become Hindu or Buddhist or Jain or Sikh or Parsi or Christian in protest?

      • Annupum SSingh says:

        Maitreyee, you are simply dumb. In hindi chutiya. Shut up

      • AscharyaChakith says:

        Maitryee your thought are as filthy as your rational. I deduced you belong to the worst breed that humanity got a commie-islamist! Do you in your remotest thought imagine that a rational mind would accept a religion like Islam that forbids Art, Music and the ability to question our faith? These are the very things that differentiated a human from an animal. Seems like Islam wants it’s followers to be tied down to the Basel human instincts of violence and craze for Sex! And that you are going by a female the level of prejudice that Islam meets a woman has prompted our brave rajput women self immolate rather that be enslaved by the Islam. But then I feel these lofty ideals would not be able to penetrate the filth of thought that you have accumulated in your head!

      • one community being ruthlessly targeted is the Muslim community? You said you read. What exactly are you reading? Have you been living in a cave all these years when Islamic Jihad has ravaged every continent except Antarctica? Every one of those incidents is done in the name of Allah! They should Allahu Akbar!

        Did you read how the Islamic Jihadists including ISIS have killed around 250K people around the world in the last 2 decades alone not counting the genocide in East Pakistan in 1970, disproportionately killing hindus and 10s of thousands killed west Pakistan, not including the violence during partition? Did you read the Kashmiri pandits whose ancestors lived in the valley for 3000+ years, had to flee overnight leaving their homes and possessions just to survive in HINDU MAJORITY INDIA? At least a 1000 of them were murdered in Jan 1990 in ISIS style?

        Did you ever ask why minority population in Muslim majority countries and states of India keeps dwindling and muslim population in Hindu majority India keeps growing? Did you even think about these things when you wrote muslim community is being ruthlessly targeted? what a fact free statement that is. There is volumes of data showing how minorities in Muslim majority countries/states just cant live side by side without converting to Islam or live like 4th class citizens, if they are not killed already and in most cases run for their lives. Your ignorance is not an excuse for the putrid garbage you have penned.

        Learn something first! For starters at least look into Wikipedia, even though it is not the best of sources to learn about anything. Learn something before you spew hatred for hindus all around. Let me start you off here:

        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_Hindus (look at Hindu persecution in Pakistan and ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir Valley)
        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Islamist_terrorist_attacks – look at how Islam has wreaked havoc on the planet

        I can put up another 50 sources showing how One community (Islamic) targeted all other communities around the planet. The numbers are such what you said doesn’t even amount to a joke!

  12. Maitereye, go ahead with it. But one thing, once you will convert, you can’t change your religion again. So set the example for others.

    Could you please confirm, if you are Bengali?

    • Intolerant Infidel says:

      Even if she is a Bengali, I am a Bengali and she does not represent the Bengalis, Kanhaiya Kumar is a Bihari who does not represent the Biharis, don’t confuse political ideology with Region or Language, you will make even those people into enemies who are sympathetic with your view

    • AscharyaChakith says:

      She might as well be a bengali. Must be a Commie. These commies were a section of Bengali community who during the British Raj were influenced by Christianity. However they did not have the guts to proclaim their religion openly. As a result they retained Hindu names but had extreme haterd for Hinduism. To mask this hatred they started claimimg to be communists. During the freedom movement most patriotic Bengali Hindu Men joined Shubash’s INA. The commies took this opportunity to become leaders in the society. Rest you know WB was brought down from a progressive state to a state that is almost on the verge of a civil war!

  13. Its a double edged game being played, both the Communists and Islamists have hijacked each other and they keep playing such subtle game. Look at the language used in the protests against CAA-NRC, it has purely Islamist connotations. Always follow this golden rule, anything which is being opposed by these two gangs, always take it with bucket of salt no matter how tempting that may appear.

  14. Wich is this awesome high quality weed that makes one so creative in their thinking, please tell me also

  15. Kanhaiya Kumar deepthrothed Shehla Rashid says:

    EAT SHIT!!!

    • hilariosu bro …. the name u have used 😀 effing trolled… do u have any vdo of the same name of both doing it halala style ?

  16. Sagar aka Sahabbuddin says:

    Just not convert to Islam and also do Khatna assiduously. Let’s start the first Khatna camp at JNU. How about changing the constitution to Islamic Republic of Bharat ? Or just go a step further, become part of greater pakistan. That will be biggest confidence building measure i could think up. Thank you. Pranam walekum.

  17. Jaana R*ñdi muh thinktank wannabe woke funded by government not only shilling for muslims but asking us hindus to convert, cringy and disgusting pungent kunt i would rather consider suicide then converting thoo

  18. Satwant singh says:

    The author is a subcontinental convert proclaiming herself as atheist Hindu,probably paid by missionary orgs to write crap.If the same article was written by her in an Islamic country asking Muslims to convert she would be arrested under blasphemy laws and met the fate of Jesus.
    Maitraye is still alive because India is significantly Hindu

  19. Akshay Khandve says:

    A madam ye kya chod failayla hai idhar

  20. Wow Woman !! Wtf are you smoking? Are you for real suggesting this stupidity?
    Hindu didn’t start a crusade. We are far better. Thanks for your suggestion!
    If people feel they’re not safe in India, it’s the right time to leave the country. Why do you want to live in such a fascist nation? Want live here? Do so but legally!!

  21. Author should convert first and then try to adhere all rules of Islam. Tab maza aayega;)

  22. Learn about islam first before proposing such a thing!
    Why should a practising hindu convert to a religion which brands him ‘kafir’?
    Why should an atheist join a cult which not only proposes death penalty for him, but also implements it?
    And of all the people, why should a woman advocate a discriminatory system which gives her half the share in inheritance as compared to her brother, counts her testimony half to that of a man, and promotes sharing her husband with three other women?

  23. Would be great if all you leftists actually converted. Better to officially declare your allegiance to Islam rather than hiding behind words like “secularism” and covertly supporting Jihadis.

    FYI, Maitreyi was the noble wife of the great rishi Yajnavalkya who taught her that the Atman alone must be seen, heard and meditated upon. Do not sully her name, better change your name to Ayesha or Fatima to suit the desert death cult you so love.

  24. I bet the author was dropped on the head a few million times as a young baby. It takes JNU grade cocaine to spew this nonsense.

  25. Someco Tuta says:

    I’m not going to convert into a cult that yells Ola-Uber 5 times a day. What a bunch of lunatics! I would rather die than be called a Muslim. Please – don’t insult my Bharatiya sensibilities.

  26. Shitpost Jihad says:

    Ah yes, the liberal wet dream
    I bet you came multiple times while writing this.
    And not to mention the review stage of this article, oh what a circlejerk it would have been.
    Now ignore all the “negative” comment from the “RSS Hindu naziis” and put on the burkha gag and whip yourselves in Allah’s name, cus sis, you’ve done it, you’ve fixed India.
    So proud of you.😍

    Swami Saranam.

  27. This headline sums up the length and breadth of “liberalism” in India

  28. if the author has any sympathy for victims of blasphemy law in pakistan and saudi arabia, she should apply the logic of the article on herself and visit pakistan or saudi arabia to commit blasphemy there
    she will get the taste of “islam” and india will get rid of such articles.

  29. chutiyon ki koi kami nahi … author is high on weed !!!

  30. Mu me hago ye author ke!

  31. Not the Nine Oclock News says:

    In your comment below you state you believe ‘all religions are equal’.

    If you truely believe ‘all religions are equal’ then how is singling out and attacking another religion, Hinduism in this case ‘secular’? Your article is completely fascist and twisted. It certainly shows the your backward mindset.

    Attitudes like yours will completely turn off people who are both Hindu or Atheist AND secular which a majority of Indians are. Slow clap!!

  32. Can all Abrahamic believers give up their privileges to go back to the beliefs of their ancestors ?

    I ask for all humans over the world to give up their privilege of having any identity, give up your name, jobs, gender {fuck it up with hormones}, all religions & ideologies and let’s all go back into the jungles when human ancestors used to live in Jungles.

    I hope this shows you the problem in the ways of your thinking. Everything is privilege from one side & Oppression from another.

  33. I would much rather die a proud pagan worshipper of idols and peace than live as a regressive, chauvinist, destroyer of peoples and lives. Solidarity with violence is accepting that violence against women, people of other faiths is acceptable and justified. Submission to Islam is accepting that women have a second class status in society that women do not deserve to live and work free. That those who choose to worship other gods or no gods should be killed.

    This is what you want and advocate. Destruction of who we are and what we are for your “peace”. Well, I say this:

    Keep your forked tongue between your teeth. We have not survived for 3000 years to bandy words with a witless worm.

  34. Anil aka aneeludin says:

    Convert to islam and then disband that LQBT retardness, bcz quran orders us to kill homosexuals

  35. Why did the author change the headlines? How about the author herself start the convert, wear burkha and experience the pleasure of Islamic savagery.

  36. So what’s next, when are you writing an article on joining ISIS? Why don’t you go an advise Kim to Nuke US for what they are doing!? Become a global libtard, best ask Americans to convert too, what say!? Did you reach Mars? Or went beyond it after smoking whatever you took! Most of us would have run out of words with disgust!

  37. The author is welcome to convert.
    Please let us live our lives in peace and keep your drivel to yourself.
    Maybe as a Muslim, you will finally get some sense kicked into you.

  38. Why don’t you lead us?
    Convert, wear a niqab, marry a Muslim as his 4th wife.. and then, please write this article again.
    The amount of drivel coming out of so-called progressives is astonishing these days!

  39. SreeRam Gupta says:


    Hindus not want the growth of Islam in India. Regardless of the lovefest between pseudoseculars and Muslims, the collective memory of Islam’s existence in India has been one of brutally barbarian rule. It is therefore surprising that you suggest Hindus (atheists, non-atheists) to convert to Islam. You can convert to Islam and then meet the fate of Sushmita Banerjee (or worse). A treacherous, mentally deranged and stupidly volatile person like you can babble any infantile primitives but surely most Hindus would want NRC and CAA to be implemented in India. You and your likes can cry hoarse till the moon turns into green cheese, but India is on its way to implement CAA that must exclude Muslims. India is not a sanctuary for barbarians; it grants amnesty to those fleeing persecution. So leftists counterculturists like your noble self may take pride in displaying anti-majority position but you are isolated. Let you stay isolated and identified as the enemy of Hindus in India. By 2025 India shall reinvent herself to be defined as Hindu Rashtra. Afraid? Oh, no! Drink camel’s milk!

  40. Commentators are more wiser and intellectual than the inbred low iq author of this article .. loved them n know that india is safe in theri hands n not of the psychologically disturbed

  41. You have to understand fully that any concert from Hinduism vehemently believes that their forefathers converted at might of swords were for better and they must enforce their belief on others out of guilt
    Majority of of the Muslims in India do not how Islam cam in to being in India and to find out about it will be against Islam as Mullahs and Madresa’s as they have been brainwashed
    If you tell them about Taimur, as they are told not to believe it.