Dilemma of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah 2

Narendra Modi: What is this Amit Bhai! With each of our step our opposers are only growing.

Amit Shah:  True Narendra Bhai! If this goes on, a time will come when we will be doomed

Narendra Modi: What is Mohan Bhagwat saying?

Amit Shah: He said us to take action against our opposers, even if it meant physical attack against opposers. Adityanath did the same in UP. I did it in Delhi at Jamia and JNU. But with each incident, those we attacked are only getting more and more support.

Narendra Modi: Amit Bhai! This is dangerous. Think of something. Mobilise support for us from Bollywood. Mobilize Bhabhas to support in our favour.

Amit Shah: Tried Narendra Bhai. We had Anupam Kher, Payal Rohtagi, Vivek Agnihotri. But there are more joining on the other side. Swara Bhaskhar was already a problem along with Javed Akhtar. Now they have Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor, Zeeshan Ayub, Varun Grover, Prakash raj, Kamal Hasan, Siddharth and many more.

Also tried Bhabhas. Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev did not work out.

Narendra Modi: I tried for support from Ramakrishna Ashram. But they distanced from my statement on CAA. They said they are an apolitical organization.

Amit Shah: I also tried mobilizing support in favour of CAA through missed call number through lonely girl advertisement, free Netflix etc. These too are not working out Narendra bhai.

Narendra Modi: What about my Bhakts. Tell them to spread more false news against our opposers.

Amit Shah: Tried this Narendra Bhai. But now there are more people who have emerged to expose our fake news. It is only adding to our insult. Now we are being called liars. Our supporters are being increasingly ridiculed as Bhakts.

Narendra Bhai: Why don’t we demonise them further in the name of Tukde Tukde gang, anti-national, anti-hindu

Amit Shah: No Narendra Bhai! This is not working out. The slogans of the Tukde Tukde gang ‘Azadi’ is becoming more and more popular. Now those who were convinced with our coinage of ‘Tukde Tudkde gang’ now themselves have started raising slogans of ‘Azadi’. Now everyone is talking of ‘Azadi’. Now we cannot call this increasing majority as ‘Tukde Tudke gang’. If we say so, they will only further go away from us.

Narendra Bhai: Demonise the university Narendra Bhai as centre for anti-national activities, parasites, burden on tax payers money

Amit Shah: No Narendra Bhai! This is not working out. Now from every University, IITs, IIMs, IIS students are calling for reducing fee, opposing CAA and questioning us on every front. The youth have turned against us.

Narendra Modi: Demonise the Muslims Amit Bhai! Tell the Hindus that because of lack of unity of Hindus, we will be taken over by Muslims. Increase spreading the message of ‘Hindu Khatrein mein hain’, ‘Jaago hindu Jaago’.

Amit Shah: No Narendra Bhai! This is also not working out. Increasingly Hindus are breaking away from us, joining Muslims and saying that Hindu and Muslims are bhai bhai. Hindus are talking of Muslims rights and entitlement of citizenship in this country. We spoke of Hindu unity and demonised Muslims. But now both have united and talking of Hindu Muslim unity against RSS / BJP and demonising us.

Narendra Bhai: Use social media Amit Bhai! If necessary shut down internet when protests emerge.

Amit Shah: Tried Narendra bhai! Social media was useful for us in the beginning. But now more and more are using it to oppose us. Even the internet shutdown is bringing us a bad name globally.

Narendra Modi: Try our friends in news media. Use our propagating news channels. Republic, Zee News, Times Now, Aaj Tak, India TV

Amit Bhai: True Narendra bhai. But now many alternative news media have come up. There are also some news channels which are not buying to our pressure to become our mouth pieces. Their influence is growing. Each agenda we try to push, these alternatives are countering us from every front.

Narendra Bhai: Use your Chanakya’s mind Amit Bhai! See what else can we do?

Amit Shah: Even Chanakya title is being taken over by others Narendra Bhai. People are even saying that comparing me with Chanakya is only bringing disrepute to Chanakya.

Narendra Modi: Bure din agaya Amit Bhai! Our Nagpur mentors are also failing to provide us solutions

Amit Shah: True Narendra bhai! It seems ‘Hindu Rashtra katrein mei hain’. Now when we talk of ‘Hindu-Muslim’, people are asking us stop talking about it and talk about economic growth, educational access and employment generation. True Narendra bhai! Burey din agaye.

Author: An Indian Citizen




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