Exactly where we are Heading ??


“ I do not support any political party “ I declared in front of my group of friends last week, all the while trying to make them see sense.

Pat came the reply, “ so you are supporting congress. Or worst you support Anti national Kanhaiya kumar. You are an anti national .”

“ What rubbish . I do support Kanhaiya because he is a good orator and his ideas are refreshing and all. I really don’t support any party but persons only”. I tried to make them see sense.

But they decided that I am supporter of other party . I stopped discussing with a sigh because it’s of no use.

All this talk , left me wondering about our current scenario.

Now a days , our country and specifically our society is clearly divided into two parts. Everyone is either supporting or opposing government. Yes, there are few who claims that they are neutral but in my opinion they are the one who secretly support either side but don’t want to get trapped in all the discussion . I for one, try to stay away from discussing politics as much as possible because of few bitter experiences. Because in India a healthy discussion doesn’t exist. After one point people will start hurling abuses and personal comments. And most people couldn’t stand women with a voice, they try to prove that it’s my husband’s opinion which influenced me , or it’s his idea that I am trying to prove. So, I just stopped discussing after one point.

It make me stroll down memory lane and I recalled that our childhood is totally different from this chaos. Our parents have opinion about politics for sure, but they never tried to influence our opinion. I belong from a high cast brahmin family but never ever in my life I heard that Muslims are our enemy . Or, how we need to create a hindurashtra, or worst, Hindus are in danger. We make friends without asking for cast or religion. Even my father’s best friend is a muslim and so is mine . We celebrated Holi , diwali, Eid with same vigor . There was no social media filled with fake news and hate speech at that time . No one has to prove their loyalty to government or they will be called Anti National.

Things are changing fast and in my belief for worst . Because ,look at what we are teaching our kids. When we laugh at accident of a celebrity just because they are against government what mentality we are showing. Come on yaar, its India , we celebrate and respect each religion. We spend all our life together, there are extremist in every religion. So, why you are judging them all on this criteria. Just because government accused one person and one news channel said that anyone is anti national , you closed your eyes and accepted it ? This is your intellect? I really pity such person. They will try their best to demean you , they try their best to prove that you are wrong in your thinking. They will quote news channel and IT cells fake video and memes. They will try to hide their hatred in form of jokes and memes. But its disgusting. What are you teaching your children ? Is this the future you are going to give them . You want them to spend their life hating other religion and everyone who has different opinion from them ? Let them form their own opinion. Let them make their own belief. It’s time to remember that we all belong to one religion which is humanity. Don’t compare our country to extremists country and their condition. For god sake we are a democracy, we are secular country . Don’t divide our country for religion and ideology. I know my words will fall on deaf ears , but when I see small children as their pawn , my blood boils literally. Someone is ,making them write postcard to support their ideology, some try to make them shout against same ideology. Don’t let your venom affect these innocent children.

Think Hard and Long before it’s too late. Recall our Ganga Jamuni Tahjeeb and live in peace with each other. Support each other, try to respect each others opinion and accept each others opinion too. Just because someone has different opinion than yours doesn’t mean they are wrong .

Because politician will come and go Relationships and Friendships will stay !!

Sneha is an Author , Entrepreneur, Teacher, Feminist, Literary Critic, Book reviewer, Writer, Culinarian, Mother, Wife & Daughter. She is Certified in Feminist Studies at IIT Madras and holds Master’s degree in English Literature from IGNOU. She runs her online classes ,and write columns and reviews for different websites and magazines. She writes stories which are hugely admired. She is an avid reader .




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