In a First, Gangs of Masked Goons Launch Barbarous Attacks on JNU

jnu abvp goons

The shape of things to come.
Unless we can fight it back.

Gangs of armed and masked thugs, from outside, attack the agitating students, with police standing by or even helping.
To break up the agitation against sharp fee hike and offer alibi to the  administration for taking drastic actions.

JNUSU President grievously injured.
So are many others.
More than 20 are in the AIIMS.

For the planned nature of this brutal and barbaric attack, look up: <>.
There’re reports of vandalising ambulance vans sent to the JNU by the Delhi government, in the aid of injured students: <>, <>.
On the role of the police: <>.
This one shows how the masked goons, eventually, left in style, unscathed, guided by the police: <>.

The brutal attack on JNU students & teachers by masked thugs, that has left many seriously injured, is shocking. The fascists in control of our nation, are afraid of the voices of our brave students. Today’s violence in JNU is a reflection of that fear: Rahul Gandhi
(Ref.: <>.
In the meanwhile, Priyanka Gandhi has met the injured students at the AIIMS, in solidarity.
“Wounded students at AIIMS trauma centre told me that goons entered the campus and attacked them with sticks and other weapons. Many had broken limbs and injuries on their heads. One student said the police kicked him several times on his head,” she (Priyanka Gandhi) tweeted.
“There is something deeply sickening about a government that allows and encourages such violence to be inflicted on their own children,” she added.

(Ref.: <>.)

Please look up:
I. For glimpses of violence: <>.
II. <>.
III. <>.

The organised political forces, various civil society organisations and conscientious individuals must protest.
However, this brutal and premeditated attack on the students demands a tidal wave of protests by students all over India.
Kudos to the JU students.
(Ref.: <>.)
There’re reports of spontaneous and instantaneous protests also from various places, apart from Delhi.
(Ref. <>.)
Here’s Mumbai  last night: <>.
Here’s a comprehensive one: <>.
Here’s a map of protests: <>.

Here’s an appeal for endorsement: <>

At this moment of darkness, the nation must rise in sustained protest.

Injured students and faculty members must be provided proper medical services, free of cost.  
The masked goons must be brought to book.
The Delhi Police and the university security must be held accountable.
There has got to be a credible and comprehensive inquiry, immediately.

The students must lead.

Sukla Sen is an activist




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