It is a system
not a sudden gathering
or attack, it doesn’t have a group
it has a body planning to speed up chaos,
attack wasn’t just about fifty men in masks
it was about the doors they found open so easily!

It is a crime
yet it is done with no fear,
happy are they to masturbate out
every kind of hate they’ve for the liberals,
it is not about who bleeds or how many died
here beneath the umbrella, it is their scary face!

It is a pimple,
formed by our ignorance
towards all the deep shit we’re into,
it swells up into a pain which if bursted
in its juvenile can be a tumor, its peripheries
run soft as it grows, the time to squeeze it has come!

It is our fault
to not see the pattern
of barging doors of rationality,
it is the fascism of yesterday with just
tomato sauce, to hurt the ones of the mass
is just a preliminary step before we get murdered!

It is really scary
to think of their freedom,
they darken the light of every place
to build a nexus, there they wear the ruler
like a badge of honor, he teaches them about
the anatomy of violence, about how to kill the gaddars!

Who’s a gaddar?

To us it is them
to them it is not only us,
one who thinks the country is dead
is a gaddar, no matter how many deaths
he sees, or how his sister got raped for once
she came as a woman, all the others here are gaddars!

It is a business
to have a chaos in air
keeping the motive pretty clear,
to stun us after five days of angry head,
then the scene would have a new plot, it will
be a new day with clocks showing wrong time!

It is right time
to leave our shelter
and to block the roads, to not
work at all, to shaken up the market,
it is no time to think about the conclusion,
it is better to have two deaths instead of millions!

He’s a Hitler
with a new Bormann,
they define chaos as bravery,
nationalism is a new term for treachery,
we can’t let him swallow every thing we have,
if crushing them needs to die, I’ll be the first one!

It is a protest against the saffron brigade who attacked us for we have a spine, for we are India, not them. We won’t let Gauri die. We’ll fulfill Safdar Hashmi’s dream!

Kabir Deb is a poet



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