Seafood and Population

fish radiation

This July 2019 photo provided by Peter Westley shows carcasses of chum salmon lie along the shore of the Koyukuk River near Huslia. Alaska scientists and fisheries managers are investigating the deaths of salmon that may be tied to the state’s unusually hot, dry summer. (Peter Westley, University of Alaska Fairbanks via AP)

You plan on eating Pacific Ocean seafood given that Tepco plans on dumping more than a million tons of irradiated water? And what are the thoughts on dumping the next million tons after that and the next million tons after that second major deliberate dumping event?

Please don’t think that the Atlantic Ocean is much better since it is increasingly filled with micro-plastic and other pollution that’s consumed by ocean life. Does anyone want to knowingly eat that mix?

Baltic is bad too due to WW ll bombs and ships sunk there after the war. (A dumb waste of crucial resourses too was in the ignorant shortsighted action.) .Want to eat that poison in seafood?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for other regions to step up: Gulf Coast at west coast of Florida has dangerous chemicals and hidden oil still in the water from the BP spill. And healthy stocks of seafood near Australia cost too much to purchase unless one is extremely wealthy and likes imports from far away places as in my case since I live in North America …

Meanwhile the Pacific Ocean already has irradiated salmon due to Tepco. FYI: Half of the world’s salmon presently originate from Alaska. Well, that condition is not going to last for long as Yukon river is too hot for them to swim and so lots of them die before mating. Another major bay for salmon returning home to breed is being turned over to Pebble Mine, which will support copper and gold mining. Thanks to Trump, the governor of Alaska and some others, especially those who want to make lots of money from mining or simply have a job in mining even if low in pay

(And how about lung diseases from mining? Who is going to pay their costs?)

Yet jobs do presumably need to be had as the human population keeps rising in number and using up more and more resources like gold and copper.

Caught in that rumination, I think of an elderly man who I overheard proudly say that he had 37 grandchildren. Perhaps he and his wife had six children and they each had six except for one that had seven children.

Let’s say that that his grandchildren each have six or seven offspring due to cultural or religious beliefs. Maybe just plain stupidity was involved like one’s self being caught up in the moment and neglecting to use a birth control item.

In any case, the UN population group suggests that we may have 15.8 billion people by century’s end. I doubt it since we have many resource deficits looming today. And accordingly resource wars and people fighting to stay alive, like poor fisherman around the world, will increasingly exist, I suspect.

Sally Dugman lives in MA, USA.




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