A beauiful actress with a fan club for her looks

Looked at the mirror when she was old and said:

`I am not this one and where did I go?’

A tough man with muscles all around him

Asked his son by the end of the game

`Who took my muscles away and why?’


An intellectual who controlled the minds of his town

Struggled in his old age to remember his name.

A rich man who cherished the zeroes in his profit account

Became depressed to find out by the end of his life

When his children cared more for his zeroes than him.


A great believer in God could not even trust God

Not knowing whether he would reach heaven or hell.

A Prime Minister in the height of his confident job

Trusted his own bodyguards more than his people.


Sharing the beauty of exchange of body and mind

A couple found out they were enemies to begin with.

A ruling political party discussed again and again

Why most of their leaders joined another party to rule.


Permanence is a belief and expectation of the fools

Who swim and drown in the ocean of impermanence.

Billions of powerful people are dead and gone

Leaving memories of footprints only of some.


Better to sing your last song while alive

Than to leave your music unsung forever.

Search that song you forgot to sing

And sing it in my ears before I die.


K.P. Sasi is a film maker, cartoonist and writer




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