Serving Others And Sometimes Facing Repercussions


A friend of mine sent me this entire article. He prefaced it with:

Spot on.


The appalling vanity of Western feminists who think Margaret Atwood writes about them | The Spectator

Imagine a country where women have no jobs, no rights and are valued only for reproductive success. Imagine a country where girls aren’t taught to read in case they get ideas. Imagine those women and those girls having to cover themselves head to toe in restrictive red dresses and white bonnets in case men get ideas. Imagine public stonings and hangings of deviants to terrorise the populace into a state of paranoid purity. Welcome to the Republic of Gilead. …

I, myself, have never been abused for being a female and stand with the women, children and men who have been harmed due to gender related issues, including the ones lbgtq and so on who are hurt or killed. I will defend.

In addition, I’m not normal in the normative sense. I can remember back to age one. I found zeno’s theory when I was four years old when I dreamed of a chicken leg dangling on yarn and the swinging of it got to infinity in smallness of the swinging. So I discovered ever increasing smallness and the way that it never ends.

Yet there is more: how about writing psalms when seven years old when I was enthralled with biblical psalms that I had read with glee.

How about writing a symphony at age ten and after hearing around two hundred symphonies … I did it from scratch without initial understanding of musical notation and not without struggles in separating different instrument groups to add into the mix.

Complicated and fun as was likewise reading on eleventh grade level when eleven years old, which was a lie as I was reading philosophy texts at the time despite a standard test putting me at age eleven.

I like being myself — the type of person who goes forward when confronted by white supremacist as a thirteen year old and still going forward to support m. L. King.

I liked saving a man’s life despite having permanent injuries that twice landed me in a hospital and with surgery. How about being in a rehabilitation complex for two months and on strong medications for pain. So I learned to walk and not be venerable to incompetence in society once again.

No, I fight and go up against terrible people who want to control and kill our spirits. I don’t accept it and also fight for woman and others who are being destroyed by stereotypes despite that I am not broken by such means and have my own miseries directing my life.

Sally Dugman lives in MA




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