How many days
people keep silence
how many days
keep them in prisons

How many batons
and bullets in store
to keep a nation scared
now and forever

Listen to the cries
it is not for mercy
but for the rights
granted by nation

Look at these people
who are gathered
all under skies
meek, weak and tired

Still they do not
go home but call
together the slogans
for the loving nation

Old are there
not fit to fight
but only to request
to let live

Children are there
not for any malice
but follow the tears
of their parents

Women there do not
come for any fight
but they sit together
seeking solace

Youth are there
daring police lathis
tear gas and shells
goons wading rodes

Men there only seek
ways to go ahead
with people of nation
in harmony ever

Do any one of them
say no to saving brethren
only ask to let all live
in peace at homes

what rock-hearted wills
make one deny
right to live for any
with good hearts

The mighty nature
grant all on earth
right to live in her lap
no denial of it prolong

Power and authority
prevail till sun set
but rising sun witness
a new day for sure

Burning night oils
sufferings and struggles
all lead to victory
of the oppressed

It is not yet late
to put off hardness
before it is too late
to save dear ones ….

(C G Prince is an artist, sculptor and poet. His artistic works using stainless steel are well-known).




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