forest fire

We see

And yet we will see —


The war clouds turn the sky aflame

The razing ground do much the same


Neanderthals died of unknown cause

Homosapiens crossed a borderless world.


Civilisation spread

Nuclear Armament


Bloodied wars


Unhouse the ones who read

Shroud them

Beat them till they bleed


Only one can lead

The rest must cede


Intolerance breed


Breed bleed






And yet, Faiz will sing,

Rise up and ring…

We will see,

Hum Dekhenge…


Is it the trump-petting of Armageddon?


What clouds fill the sky with red smokes of hell?

Kangaroos die before the parting knell.


Is it in our hands to live and die?

The moving finger writes across the sky.


The world order changes as we know.

Nostradamus predicted of yore.


But should we just believe

Or move forward to create

A new World of Peace?


This is the storm before the rainbow gets drawn


The World of Leaders draws to a close.

Time has come to free our bonds—


Rise in unison and sing

Hum Dekhenge,

We Will See,

Hum Dekhenge,


And let Faiz win-


Mitali Chakravarty’s poetry has been published online and as part of anthologies. Some of her poetry has recently been translated to German. Mitali translates from Bengali and Hindi to English. She has published a humorous book of essays on living in China where she spent eight years, In the Land of Dragons (2014). She had numerous bylines in The Times of India, The Hindustan Times and The Statesman in the 1980s up to 1992 and more recently online on Kitaab.orgCountercurrentModern Literature, Words and Worlds,Harbinger Asylum QuarterlyThe Daily Star (Bangladesh). This April, she joined as the editor. She blogs at

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