This Fight is for Democracy against a Fascist Government


The participation of the students of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi in the movement against the CAA and NRC is a fight between a fascist government and our democracy and is fully justified. Actually, this fight is about fascism versus democracy, which is being expressed through the idea of ‘Save the Constitution’. At present, it has become the biggest political contradiction, making it difficult for the government to deal with it. To deal with the agitation, the suppression of the people by the BJP government is increasing and in this UP government is leading. In lieu of an apology from the British, Savarkar’s theory of ‘Hindutva nationalism’ weakens the anti-colonial consciousness and is communal in nature. Nationalism emerging from the womb of this movement against such nationalism is becoming the carrier of the ‘Idea of India’. The recitation of the text ‘We the People of India’ in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution is multiplying. This emerging nationalism is revolving around the existence and identity of the people. This nationalism will awaken the feeling that even if they are separated from us, they belong with us. It will be the successor of Gandhi’s nationalism; it will be the nationalism of the early 50s, which would treat each other as a civilized neighboring country.

Students of Universities like JNU and ordinary women have a big role to play in the emergence of a civil society. The national flag remains a symbol of justice, equity and fraternity. Gandhi is still the man of the era, Dr. Ambedkar’s journey of nationalism continues, Lohia-JP movement is reverberating, Lal Salaam is emerging from the surface. In the words of activist Medha Patikar on Urban-Naxalism, Naxalism itself had its own utility. The slogan of the liberals released from the jail is that it is just the beginning and the big fight lies ahead. This movement against Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh that destabilizes the society is disciplined and progressive. Kashmir, Northeast, Central South India through the spirit of agitation are getting tied together by the thread of democracy. Support for the ongoing movement for democracy in India is increasing in foreign universities and cities. People remember the slogan of the 70s, ‘We shall fight, We shall win, Paris, London & Berlin’.

Thanks to the civil society that it has accepted the challenge to fight for democracy against fascism. Where are the opposition parties and  what is their politics? The Left parties are different, but their strength is still limited.

It is the historical responsibility of the people who emerged from civil society to tie this entire movement into a political thread, because non-politics cannot fight fascist politics for a long time. The liberals who keep their expectations in the Congress will have to let go of them. The era is changing. Today’s capitalism is not productive but speculative. The Congress itself has laid the foundation of a speculative neoliberal economic system. A large part of the Congress is still unable to differentiate between Hindutva and Hinduism. Actually it does not want to make a difference. Whereas fascism and authoritarianism are developing from the womb of Hindutva and neo-liberal economic policy. Only an opponent of Hindutva and corporate alliances can lead the democratic movement of today. There have been movements against fascism in the world. There is a need to move forward, learning from the experiences of the movement. This movement for democracy has to be linked with the grass root level sections and classes of the society. Areas of resistance will have to be created. Today’s movement has to be linked to the invincible spirit of the seventies. A new democratic society and state will have to be created.

 Akhilendra Pratap Singh, Swaraj Abhiyan




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