Collected Essays, Volume V

John Scales Avery
John Avery

A new freely-downloadable book

I would like to announce the publication of a new book, with the title, “Collected Essays, Volume V”. The book contains articles on the serious problems that are facing the world today. It may be freely downloaded and circulated from the following link:

Other books and articles on global problems can be found on these links:

Table of contents

·      The Devil’s Dynamo

·      Fascism, Then And Saving The Future

·      The Climate Emergency: Two Time Scales

·      Money, Media And The Climate Crisis

·      Nuclear Weapons: An Absolute Evil

·      The Passions Of Mankind

·      Population And The Environment

·      We Need An Ecological Revolution

·      Fighting For Americas Soul

·      Terrorism: A False Threat

·      Sanctions As Collective Punishment

·      Attacks On Iran, Past And Present

·      Kicking The Habit

·      Institutional And Cultural Inertia

·      Our Lifestyles Must Change

·      Feedback Loops

·      Criticism Of Israel Is Not Antisemitism

·      Interview With Dr. David Krieger

·      The Importance Of Alternative Media

·      Climate Crisis And The 2020 Us Elections

·      Benefits Of Equality

·      Floods In Iran And Climate Change

·      Gandhi’s Message For Today’s World

·      Greed Is Driving Us Towards Disaster

·      India’s Future

·      Kashmir: What Would Gandhi Say?

·      Madmen And Economists

·      Mainstream Under-reporting Of The Climate Crisis

·      Largest Climate Action In History Neglected By The Media

·      Secrecy Versus Democracy

·      We Can Unilaterally Stop Being Nasty

·      The Kidnaping Of Meng Wanzhou

·      The Social Responsibility Of Scientists

·      Interview With Editor Binu Mathew

Cultural History

·      Lives In Engineering

·      Lives In Astronomy

·      Lives In Chemistry

·      Lives In Medicine

·      Lives In Ecology

·      Lives In Physics

·      Lives In Economics

·      Lives In The Peace Movement

John Scales Avery is a theoretical chemist at the University of Copenhagen. He is noted for his books and research publications in quantum chemistry, thermodynamics, evolution, and history of science. His 2003 book Information Theory and Evolution set forth the view that the phenomenon of life, including its origin, evolution, as well as human cultural evolution, has its background situated in the fields of thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and information theory. Since 1990 he has been the Chairman of the Danish National Group of Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. Between 2004 and 2015 he also served as Chairman of the Danish Peace Academy. He founded the Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes, and was for many years its Managing Editor. He also served as Technical Advisor to the World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe (19881997). He can be reached at [email protected]. To know more about his works visit this link.




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