Objectifying. Others

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Others are often means to making an income or vast wealth for oneself. With the way that the economy is set up, it is the norm.

Here are a few examples. They should exemplify the condition.

I injured my knees and other parts of my body when saving another person’s life. That action is a  no-brainer for me.

If I had to do it again, I would do so. It’s that simple despite the damage to oneself in the action.

I am not alone in this orientation by any means. For example, I personally know several people who faced off others to salvage the lives of others, including two of them that faced off people with machine guns pointed at them. (Scary!)

Then I know of others of which Massachusetts has its slew of them putting their own lives at risk for others. These people exist everywhere across the globe.

For instance, a firefighter in a city near my town kept shoving people out of a door before himself In a house that was burning down. He knew about how close the fire was to his back when he did the pushes out of the door rather than flee, himself. Then he died through being consumed by flames.

In my state of MA, a guy saw a car burning on the side of a highway. He pulled his truck to the car in trouble, but not too near in case the fuel tank were to blow.

Then he ran to the car, kicked in the driver’s side window with his work boot to haul four people out of the vehicle and kept smelling a strange smell. Why, it was his own flesh burning as he worked to get the people out of the growing inferno. Yes, he ended up with first, second and third degree burns due to his sense of responsibility and adherence to his values to save the lives of others.

This event reminds me of my father in a time before I was born. At that point, he  was driving at night with my mother.

Then they came to a bridge where a farmer visually lighted by his truck on fire was slumped over in the driver’s seat. Oh dear!

My father, in quick thinking, stopped his vehicle at the bridges knees and ha edge, asked my mother to get out of their car and crouch low behind it after which he crawled fast due to possible gas tank blow up to the truck. So he kept himself low to the ground as he rushed forward on knees and hands.

Oh, he tried his best, but the tank blew up as did the farmer. So this type of situation doesn’t always work out for the best — this attempt to save people from burning vehicles.

Yet let’s get back to the main gist despite that I am currently stuck in the thought of people like myself, who sacrifice for the common good:

So after the hospital time, I get into a rehabilitation center to learn the way to walk again. Obviously it was a desirable step. Certainly I needed to learn to step again.

So there I met a woman approximately my height, approximately five foot six inches. I weigh around 115 lbs. She’s at around 250 lbs. with waddles of fat across her body. (My father at six foot two inches in height was around 210 pounds.)

She eats with a seemingly endless appetite. Her husband brings her food at the facility from stores, including cookies and chocolates.

She drops a lot of the food on the floor due to neuralgia related to her diabetes, which also involves food served at the rehabilitation center. She even broke an entire plate of food there that was cleaned from the floor by staff. (I have cleaned up after her many times since the center seems short staffed.)

Not surprisingly, she is also going blind from diabetes. What would one expect when her Glucose is at around 260 while normal is around 88 like mine?

She is not able to walk. She cannot stand without tremendous support from others to prop her up to settle her into a wheelchair to go to the rehabilitation room, especially since her muscles are deteriorated from little use.

She also is on prescription opioids for pain. She begs for more opioids, hallucinates out loud, leaves her tv on blast even when asleep and talks nearly incessantly in her sleep. Most of the time, indeed, she sleeps due to the pain drug knocking her out.

She has no hope to have rehabilitation work for her. So she is merely a cash cow to stay in the center while costing her insurance company, as well as her husband and herself lots of money.

What a gain for the facility! The people working there make incomes by pretending to salvage people not capable of improvement unless a miracle were to rain down from heaven.

In any case, this woman was turned, in my opinion, into an object to make moola for the workers and especially the owners of the rehab center. How not and similarly was I.

We were turned into money making objects — mere entities to make profits. She still is doing so, but not I.

I was an object to make cash by my being kept in the facility long past the time that I was ready for release. In other words, I was walking, running, jumping with two feet up in the air, doing modern dance and twirling in hallways.

All the same, I was kept at the center until the day was done for my medical insurance coverage to hold me in the facility unless I wanted a possible lawsuit from the owners of the rehab center for jigging them.

The woman who I described and I are different in the sense that her being money grubbed is about pretending to help her. I was grubbed since I was well, but also used in the place to slop in profits.

Are you an object — a mere thing — to make money for someone else? Are you turned into a nothing?

Check out the movie about who killed the electric car.  It was oil companies wanting to dupe us for our dollars around the world. We’re being used and have little or no value unless we provide the cash, which is one of the reasons that the poor are dismissed as being nothing.

This setup is the way that the economy works to make worker incomes and owner gobs of money exist. Well, we are a new model.

This way to be is worse than shoddy. It turns us all into money making machines using others and little more.

Sally Dugman lives in MA, USA




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