Palestinians have no choice but to resist injustice!

palestine land

For more than seventy years, the Palestinians have been awaiting international justice. They have hoped that they will obtain their rights through international laws. They have long believed that the world will not accept this injustice they subjected to. They also think that they have enough UN resolutions to their side to restore their stolen rights.

In 1947, when a Palestinian problem moved to the United Nations, the imperial power dominating, then the UN proposed dividing Palestine between the indigenous people, and immigrants brought by Zionism with British approval, most of them did not even hold Palestinian citizenship.

It was natural for the Palestinians to refuse to divide their country with new immigrants who did not come as refugees or as foreign workers but rather as invaders. No other people on earth would have accepted that.

The Zionists benefited from the fact that they came in a period of Arab weakness and a stage of widespread Western sympathy, using the Holocaust to make another Holocaust to other people.

The Zionists did everything that could come to mind from killing, terror and deporting Palestinians fro their homes. The modern history of Palestine is in short, a history of the terror caused by Zionists.

The Zionists should have taken revenge for the Holocaust by fighting the countries that caused the Holocaust. But they did the opposite. They cooperated with all imperial powers to revenge from people who did no wrong to Jews.

Since those times, the Palestinian people moved from a tragedy to a tragedy, and the reason is the Zionist Jews. All the wars that took place in the region would not have taken place had it not been for the Zionists. And they know that their presence is based on power only.

After the Oslo agreement, the Palestinians agreed to a state with an area of ​​22 per cent of their homeland. But the Zionists, whose racist mentality did not change, manipulated to win the time, and negotiations remained 27 years without any result. At this time they were filling Palestinian land with Jewish settlements to make the establishment of a Palestinian state impossible.

Trump’s Zionist plan offers only ten per cent of historic Palestine, which is impossible for any Palestinian to accept.

The Palestinians lost all hope for international justice, and no longer had a choice but to resume the resistance.

All the occupied peoples resisted the invaders, and the Palestinian people are no exception.

Dr. Salim Nazzal, a Palestinian-Norwegian historian on the Middle East, He has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.




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