The deity of a destroyer!!

I’ve been locked for thousand days,
threatened by your guns,and you think you banished me in front of my children..
I born with an oath,not to be defeated ,you don’t know,
In a dark corner of tge green hills,I write your Last Supper..

In that corner,I raise a fire,that reached all through my children,
They keep the fire in their soul,and the fire gets more power..
I light a lamp that resembles peace,
But it can easily gasp you to burn you alive!

My birth is a kind of curse for you,
To make you sure you have to face a destrution!
My children know well I’m their Savior,
They worship me to have the mighty power..
I walk upon a volcano,which holds millions of morters in it,
I dare you to crash your chains,in which tou locked me up,
Here a revolt is going to get a deity….the deity of the destroyer..!!

SONALI CHANDA is an eminent writer and author. Born in Suburban KOLKATA,she completed her postgraduation from Burdwan University. Her recent Travelogue is on the way to publish,where she showcased the most sensitive areas in Ladakh and Kashmir. Her writings resemble the current issues and different topics of burning issues in the country and the social malices..!!




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