I watch my brothers crying,
begging to the nation for justice,
The same pain,some sane voices to rebel against their bloody wounds,
It’s the Freedom,who is chained in rules..!!

Free birds got locked in a vicious cage,
They’re afraid ,they tremble in the souns of bullet,
A silencer is put towards their home,
It’s the Freedom,which is chained in rules..!!
Don’t you see their mothers are crying?
Keeping flowers with a leaf of chinar in their graves,
Their martyr sons would not return ,they know,
As the Freedom is chained in rules!!

Namaaz are stopped,their kitchen full of tears,
Death sits there besides their old armchair..
Rizwaan will not return,sleeping silently in his grave,
Pale faces peep out from the zafris,waiting for their beloved!!

SONALI CHANDA is an eminent writer and author. Born in Suburban KOLKATA,she completed her postgraduation from Burdwan University. Her recent Travelogue is on the way to publish,where she showcased the most sensitive areas in Ladakh and Kashmir. Her writings resemble the current issues and different topics of burning issues in the country and the social malices..!! Recently her travelogue”LADAKH…En route TIBETAN Taboos” launched in Kolkata,SaltLake,BHARATIYAM! Her poetry got selected in the AIPF 2020,which will be held in Hyderabad..!!




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