Trump is a winner; Modi is a loser !

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The grand welcome organized by Modi for US President Donald Trump beginning from Gujarat, a home state of Modi, was expected. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, is an event-manager., is a well known fact.The ordinary citizens of India should not cry over wasting their money on Trump. In the last few years, Modi has already wasted a lot of taxpayer money on his foreign visits.

Every scholar in the country is thinking about Trump`s sudden and brief visit to India. Every journalist in the country is pondering over what India is going to achieve from his visit. Yes, Indians are good at thinking and bad at action. Indians imbibed this slavish mentality from the British colonial government. So, it is not their fault at all.

Since 2019, the Modi government is playing more politics than economics. Every one of us knows that the Modi government has failed the aspirations of millions of Indians yet the followers of Modi are not tired of chanting eulogies in praise of Modi. Today, they are partially blind; hopefully they will not remain so for a long time. Sooner or later they will accept it when their own children will suffer.

Trump seems to have twin purpose of visiting India. First, he is not hundred percent confident to win Presidential elections to be held in this year in the US. Second, he is to sell US defense equipments to India. It seems that his visit has served the purpose when he stated that India would buy defense equipments worth billions of dollars. Trump spoke to lakhs of Gujaratis in Ahmadabad so it means his Gujarati American vote is guaranteed. Trump is a winner; Modi is a loser.

Modi is a loser because Modi has no political gusts to take up matter with Trump about Indian immigrants who are being suffocated day by day by US administration. It is expected by next decade that the entry to the US of highly skilled Indians will be a dream. Trump is responsible for suffocating the Indians in the US by implementing restrictive immigration policies. Modi has no economic guts to tell Trump that no more we can buy expensive oil from the US. Modi has no religious guts to tell Trump on the face that no Indian will be discriminated; no Indian will face racism in the US.

A few days back, Modi made a statement while addressing public audience that he will finish Pakistan within 7-8 minutes in case Pakistan dares to attack India. Modi is insulted publicly by Trump in Ahmadabad when he said, “Pakistan is a good friend of US”. Over this statement Modi was laughing and praising Trump.

Everyday there is a killing of a Muslim, Dalit and Christian in India. Everyday Dalits are beaten mercilessly by the goons of Bajrang Dal. Every day, Muslims are stigmatized. Modi is aggressively selling Public State Units (PSUs). It is going to affect million of Indians employees. Government jobs are shrinking day by day. Public universities are destroyed. Exams are being postponed. Teachers are sitting on strike. Students are protesting against fee hike. Parents are postponing the marriage of their wards because they are unemployed and not in a position to support a family. Older parents are suffering because their unemployed children are not in a position to support them in their old age. Private builders are siphoning off buyers hard-earned money. The Judicial system is highly corrupt. Government agencies such as Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), and Greater Noida Authority (GNA) are struggling with the farmers to acquire land for development. The nexus between lawyers and farmers are playing havoc in the life of plot owners. People are storing black money in their sweet homes because they cannot deposit cash in the bank. Income Tax department has already sent demand notice to more than 8 lacs people across the country. However, Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that no income tax official will torture tax payer yet sending electronic demand notice to the tax payer every week. The Higher and Lower courts in India are over-crowded with legal cases. The list of misadventures committed by the Modi government is a long one. This is all happening under the thump of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Hopefully, Trump might have noticed the volatile political situation prevailing in India. Hopefully, his Embassy representative might have updated Trump over violation of Human Rights in Kashmir. If informed, will Trump speak to Modi? will Modi listen to Trump? Indians who are suffering must seek answer to these significant questions.

Dr. Rahul Kumar is an independent researcher and senior media columnist. His research & writing interest extends to macro social, economic, political & international affairs. The views expressed by the author in this article are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the paper.




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