You call me by your own names

Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tukde Tukde gang or Terrorists

You push us to the walls

Or kick us with all the trolls

You shoot us

Or abuse us


We declare,

We are just a simple Shaheen bagh

We are no big people

But just pure simple folks of this country

Who never understand your nationalism

But just feel the love for this country


We are on the streets of Shaheen bagh

Not because we want to oppose or fight government

But just because we own this country

And want our future generations too do the same

We don’t understand your Hindu Muslim nationalist talk

But just understand that we are an inseparable part of this land


You say we and our Hindu brothers and sisters are different

But we only feel that our bonds are only permanent

You abuse us that we are paid and fed crowd out there to create trouble

But we feel that we are only a crowd out there to stop the divisive trouble

You do whatever you want, blame us or demonise us

But we will keep up our fight just because we love this land and people


Thumakunta Vasantha is a Graduate and interested in Social issues




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