Prepared by Dr Ravindra Khaiwal & Dr Suman Mor




  1. Avatar Sally Dugman says:

    Thanks lots for this post. It will be shared in USA at schools and in families with children. I made sure of that and, yes, some children are infected, too.

    With our human population hovering at around 7.8 billion people, nature does have its ways to cull the herd like famine, flood, hurricane, Earthquake, scanty water supplies, and of course diseases. For example, Black Plague, Spanish Flu and other illnesses have taken a big toll as has also aggressive wars and other conflicts throughput human history.

    I live in MA, USA. Some of my state’s schools are shut for days and others for months. Yes, children are not immune to the ailment one iota. So thanks again.

  2. Avatar Sally Dugman says:

    I have just now sent this article to USA senators, Congress people and governors. I have sent it, too, to people in other countries to get it to their government officials with my thought that this information needs to be disseminated to schools and families. I also asked others to post the booklet.

    I am excited as the content is excellent. So I am very happy to push this writing and imagery as the only resource known to me directed to children. Wow, what a great job you all did!

  3. Very sad to see, that parents today need superheroes and comics to talk to their children, to tell them about common sense. I wonder if all this extra attention given to this virus will actually decrease panic or increase it. In my opinion kids will help the panic stricken parents, not the other way around.