Any narrative of Delhi Riots ’20
just communal is dangerous for all
but some are keen to say so ever
The jackals after sheep herd

people of riot hit zones committed
helping each other to survive
at their best and many did great
they were all good samaritans

Then why are some so keen
to call it fight of communities
in the name of religion alone
nothing but plans of evil minds

It seems planned well
with minds bent upon it days
using every art they know
at their best to sow hatred

Those who concerned earnestly
never spoke of any religion
but only lamented of humans
died, wounded and lost dears

It is for sure that it was heinous act
meditated and nurtured by heartless
who are human but inhumane lot
blood thirsty than wounded animals

Human-hounds brought to hunt
masters called for massacre
at the best of the pack released
for bleeding bodies and corpora

With each word I write here
my heart beat is felt growing
as I do not love to blame any
but mind feels the panic real

The gunshots echoed on walls
of many homes in the streets
children begged for mercy
youth pleaded innocence

Blood of youth spilled through
flesh of men torn into pieces
at the swords of men of fury
furore of fear swept every nook

‘Saviours’ who were to act swiftly
kept away as they were helpless
Responsible at the scenes
kept blind eyes and deaf ears

It was human blood and cries
not any other color than blood red
cries in air was screaming
of men women children and youth

The smell of skins that burnt
was of the human flesh in pyre
tears rolled out of eyes in fear
was blood oozed out as water

No more say it as community fight
but rather call it the names it deserve
or the hatemongers will sow the seeds
for their next harvest all around us

Dedicated to all victims of Delhi riots 2020

Painting by C.G.Prince – ” Red Buddha Bleeds ” Enamel spilled on canvas approx. 3 ft X 4 ft

C.G.Prince is an artist and poet



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