Coronavirus and Us

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The covid-19 has claimed countless lives all the world over, and we, in this small part of the world, have not yet taken the threat as serious as it should be. Past few days were horrible. People, from different places of kashmir, tested positive for the coronavirus, giving one the premonition of some dreadful situation in the valley. In this write-up, I will throw light on a few things, which need to be done, so as to not let the virus knock our doors:

1) Stay indoors: We musn’t go out of our homes unnecessarily. Wandering about roads without any valid reason could prove fatalic in the long run. This we need to understand.

2) Wash your hands: This seem to have been followed by all, but it’s not true. Still, there are many people who don’t find it necessary to wash hands with soup regularly. It’s the need of an hour for us to wash hands whenever our hands are exposed to something, especially after buying essentials. So wash.

3) Don’t touch surfaces: We’ve this habbit of touching things that shouldn’t be touched. Unnecessary touches could prove fatalic in the long run, since the virus stays with these surfaces, if touched by the affected.

4) Don’t make suffocating crowds while buying essentials: This I’ve been witnessing whenever I go out to buy the essentials. There’s a dire need to distance ourselves from other people so that the affected, might be, would not affect others.

5) Get yourself tested if you have symptoms: Since the virus spreads from one person to another. It’s better to get tested if you have any of the symptoms in order to contain it.

6) Don’t succumb to superstition: Instead of resorting to superstitious beliefs, which, in now way, is not going the contain this ruthless and any-time-coming virus, we must apply on ourselves things that have been advised by the experts to keep the wave of virus at bay.

7) Aware others: Since our societies comprise of different people. Some are educated, some uneducated. It’s obligatory for the former to aware the latter regarding the things that need to be done to contain the virus, in a simple, lucid language.

I hope if the afore-mentioned points are followed in letter and spirit, it will surely yield good results.

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