We look for a shelter to stay

A transportation to move us back

Food to eat and water to drink

As any humans of this world


We receive mass spray of disinfectants on our bodies

And chemical spray on our individual bodies

Reducing us to mere pests and insects in this world

When we merely expected a more humane treatment from you


It makes us to question

Who are the ones really infected

Not the one infected with carona virus, but a class virus

Who looks at the poor with utter callousness


The carona virus may come and go

And get reduced and eliminated over a period of time

But what would happen to the class virus

With which you are infected in this world


While you look at us as someone to be disinfected

We look at you as ones who need to be disinfected

Disinfected from the class attitudes

Which reduces the poor as less than humans


T Navin is a Researcher and works with an NGO




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