Harvest of hate, pandemic hot on the heels of pogroms


Impunity in Indian context differs from region to region and from group to group. When witches were hunted tried and condemned to be burnt at the stake there was no avoidance in the western countries. In New England the people believed that the devil lived just off the clearing in the forest. In Delhi they are burning Bharatvasi who are passed off as Indians without a religious tag! And now when the deadly coronavirus is raging this Friday the PM Modi is still fiddling with having his own government in MP. That way he missed what P Chidambrum counseled him on March 19 and added on March 20: “I have offered our support to the PM’s announcements yesterday, but I am absolutely certain that the PM will have no option but to come back with tougher social and economic measures. After reviewing overnight developements in India and the world, I am convinced that a temporary lockdown of towns and cities for two to four weeks is necessary”.

On Friday he said again “Yesterday, I got the impression that the PM was testing the waters. He should act boldly. The war against coronavirus cannot be fought with moral armaments. ICMR says that the disease is still at Stage 2 in India. This is the moment to act. Let us not allow this moment to pass without decisive action and regret later.”

Two days later the PM is very tentative in his approach. There is no confidence building measures in mouthing homelies. Singing hosannas during the visit of a president of a powerful country or confabulating in dialect howdy’Modi puts you in the line of fools in the gallery of John Oliver. There is difference between sincere advice and passing the buck to a subordinate official sitting in the audience and feeling the matter would evaporate automatically in a White House briefing.

Having brute majority in the Parliament and carrying out his ideology bias as in abrogation of Artcle 370 in Kashmir and earlier having SC rule in favour of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya and then taking the former CJ of SC Ranjan Gogoi into the Rajya Sabha, and having the greatest money embezzlement after demonetization in Yes-Bank the Nero is fiddling away his time drunk on the majoritarain politics which has absolute disregard and disgust for all the minorities of all hue and belief.

We have to save the universe asserted a supporter Dr Malvinder Singh Malih. They are taking calls from those who are handpicked by Modi. Gogoi took the Parliament seat like that and thus forth further. What it amounts to your being prepared for the pandemic seizing your never system is like the Octopus. Judicial order without his signature on issue of molesting a woman by his Lordship (now a member of the elite house of the Parliament) and hanging Nirbhay rape and murder accused are two sides of the same coin. Where is the time for moral discrimination to a man who had handed over the 59 burnt out karsevaks to Jaideep Patel of VHP whose letter was headlined: “What Gujarat does. India will have to do tomorrow.”(1) And that is exactly what India is doing for years now under Modi with full impunity.

Kingshuk Nag. The Namo Story. Roli Book 2013 P.175

Mustafa Khan is a blogger



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