Lathis can cure Corona! Be a believer!

corona police 1

Let’s cure Corona. How? It’s pretty simple. Let’s enforce police forces on the streets, and inflict brutality on public. No questions asked. No answers looked for. Attack the Corona virus with thunder strikes of lathis.

Who cares why the man has come out? Beat more men like them to death or at-least scar their bodies for life. Anyway, they are not the Chief Minister of a BJP Government to come out and make a mockery of the curfew; or an MLA to inaugurate a Mall.  They are ordinary public. The public that live in the lowest strata of economy, the public in need of ‘essential services’,  the public trying to reach their respective offices,  and the public whose voices won’t reach the top floor of democracy ever. They are mere collateral damages- a number worth nothing.

It is their fault. It is their fault that they were underprepared like the Indian Government. It is their fault that they are uneducated, that in their area quality schooling is a myth. It’s their fault that they are poor, and the age is of capitalism. It’s their fault that they didn’t store extra food unlike some rich, selfish money-mongers. It’s their fault that the travel services were unavailable and they were homeless, migrant workers.  It’s their fault that the police don’t have a heart. It’s their fault that the police ignore the limits of their authority while handling a case under section 188 of Indian Penal Code, and believe more in lathis than in the law. It’s their fault that the police don’t interrogate their purpose of stepping out. It’s their fault, always.

The state is definitely not responsible for the assaults. It is the people that are beating themselves up to spread fake news.

There is something else that must be told. Don’t you think it’s funny how people are being beaten up, how they are running away, how they are shouting in pain, how they are made to jump like frogs on the middle of the road, how they are treated in an undignified manner? It’s so funny.

The lady doctor is lying about being assaulted by male police while going to the hospital. The videos are lying about the brutality of the police. Male police are not beating women. To be honest, they are putting their hands on no-one. It’s all doctored videos like the ones during Anti-CAA protest.  Everyone tries to malign our pure, dutiful police. That needs to stop.

Let’s not get confused. You are a fool if you believe it is ‘Junta Curfew’. It’s ‘Police Raj’. And, we shouldn’t complain. Why should we? Who are ‘the public’ in a democracy? Oh sorry, dictatorship, to be precise.

Liberals are anti-nationals. There are serious questions that the liberals should answer. Why don’t they talk about police helping the poor? Why don’t they talk about the police working hard? Why do they always talk about police brutality and authoritarianism of the state?  Why is it only about the poor, and the weak? But, they will always drape it under ‘responsibility of the state mechanism’. They should understand that the state has no responsibility. Whatever they are doing is charity. And, in charity, there is no equality and dignity.

Let the frustrated officials dump their anger on your bodies. Prove your nationalism.

If you haven’t eaten anything from last four days, that’s not our problem. If you have no home to stay inside, that’s not our problem. If you have no money despite having 15 lakhs in your accounts- transferred by the government as promised, that’s not our problem. If your daughter died being bitten by a snake due to lack of ambulance service, that’s not our problem. If you are dying every day, it’s not our problem. India is anyway better without poverty, and poor.

If you are so hungry, why don’t you try going out? Our gentlemen will feed you freshly cooked blows of lathis. (It’s off the records) Don’t complain about lack of food. There are plenty. You just need to visit the checkpoints.

So, don’t complain. The system is helping you.

(Sutputra Radheye is a poet and commentator who delve into the themes affecting the socio-eco-political scenario. His works have been published in prestigious platforms like ‘Frontier’, ‘Countercurrents’, ‘Janata Weekly’, ‘Culture Matters’ (UK), and many more throughout the years.)



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