indian national flag

The small bird who has just learnt to fly

Flapping her wings with joy and confidence

Moving across the wind in the sky

With the earth and her people under her feet

The little bird who flies in the sky

Does not feel that she owns the sky.


The young fish who has just come out of the egg

Swimming to glory in the vastness of the sea

With the deepest undiscovered lands and life below

Dancing up and down in the depth of the sea

The young fish who has just come out of the egg

Does not feel that she owns the deep blue sea.


The slender pink elongated body of the earth worm

Penetrating between the sand grains amidst the earth

Providing nutrition and fertilizer for agriculture and nature

Enriching and regenerating all life on earth

The closest friend of a farmer and soil,

The earth worm does not feel that he owns the earth.


The elephant with his magnificent tusks

Worth millions for the mankind in business

Moving inside the secrets of the forest with a big body

Bigger than other ordinary mammals in the forest

The elephant looking at the smaller creatures around

Does not feel that he owns the forest.


The snake in the lake with poisonous fangs

Powerful enough to kill others with ease

Floating on top of the river against the flow

Keeping the power of death inside his mouth,

The snake leaving movements of curves on the river

Does not feel that he owns the river


The poets and artists who search for inspiration

From the nature that fills the beauty of creation

With works of art that heals the souls of millions

For generations on this running wheel of time

The artists with the power to spark great minds forever

Do not feel that they own nature.


Then how come a leader of a nation with a gang around

With appropriated institutions of power and wealth

With servants in uniform to bring shame and harm

And media loudspeakers to glorify even his sneeze

The leader with votes for just a few more years perhaps

Feels with arrogance that he owns this nation?


K.P. Sasi is a film maker, cartoonist and writer



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