Over 350 Acadamics Issue Statement on the anti-Muslim pogrom in Delhi

delhi violence

Over last few months we have witnessed a reawakening of the democratic ethos led by Muslim women all across the country.  These near-uninterrupted protests against the passage of the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and it’s bigoted twins, the NPR and NRC, have clearly not gone down well with the BJP government, and many attempts have been made at demonising and discrediting the protesters. 

The culmination of this barrage of vile and hateful propaganda was when BJP leader Kapil Mishra issued an ultimatum to the protesters in Delhi on 23 February, 2020 warning of the dire consequences that were to follow if the protest sites were not cleared.  He did so in the presence of a senior police officer. This was followed the same afternoon by an eruption of violence instigated by fanatical right-wing mobs in the areas of Jafrabad and Maujpur. The violence quickly spread to other parts of north east Delhi [1], and the death toll has risen to over 40 [2].


Courageous reportage and heart-breaking eyewitness accounts of the affected areas paint a very clear picture of the nature of this violence: it is anti-Muslim, and are not, as the mainstream media has continued to paint it, composed of “clashes” between “pro-CAA” and anti-CAA camps. Extremist Hindutva rioters mobilised by upper-caste leaders have run amok in the national capital, setting fire to and vandalising cars and shops and homes belonging to Muslim families, and also schools and mosques [3], all the while mercilessly brutalising Muslim residents of these areas [4].  

It is clear to us that this comprehensive breakdown of law and order, which comes on the heels of the sickening attacks on students in Jamia, AMU, and JNU, is happening with the complicity of the Delhi police, who are acting in near-perfect coordination with the right-wing mobs, either by actively assisting them or by turning a blind eye to their actions [5]. We also regard it as no coincidence that the Delhi High Court judge who called the Delhi police to account for its willful inaction was transferred on the same day he held the emergency hearings [6]. We are, in short, witnessing the unfolding of an anti-Muslim pogrom in Delhi, with eerily familiar echoes of the modus operandi deployed by the RSS and it’s affiliates eighteen years ago in Gujarat, and more recently in Uttar Pradesh [7].

The violence has claimed the lives of many innocents, most of them from marginalised sections of society, including daily wage labourers, auto-rickshaw drivers, a police head constable, and an intelligence official. There have been deaths across religious divides. We place the blame for all these deaths squarely on the fascist upper-caste Hindutva forces who have orchestrated this pogrom. We also emphatically appeal to fellow progressive-minded individuals to recognise that there is a world of a difference between the violence of these fanatical mobs and attempts made to defend one’s life, family, home, and livelihood against this violence. We stand firmly in solidarity with the affected families in this regard—there are no two sides to this story, there is no nuance, only senseless violence fuelled by the communal agenda of the upper-caste Hindu right-wing.

We, the undersigned academics, condemn in the strongest possible terms those aiding or abetting the various indignities visited on Muslim men and women in Delhi by these right-wing terrorists affiliated to the RSS and sister organisations. 

We also protest the reprehensible manner in which this government has conducted itself, by dropping all pretense of functioning in a democratic manner and acting blatantly as a ministry run by the RSS.

We demand that a judicial inquiry be set up to investigate the actions of the Delhi police, as reportage, video footage, and eyewitness accounts clearly point to their complicity in the violence. 

We appeal to the judiciary to ban terrorist organisations like the Bajrang Dal which, as always, were at the forefront of this pogrom and which have been emboldened under the Modi regime. 

We finally demand that the state immediately and adequately compensate those whose houses, shops, and livelihoods have been destroyed.

[1]: Hindu supremacist mobs orchestrate violence against Muslims where BJP won in Delhi elections | The Caravan

[2]: Delhi riots: Death toll rises to 42, 148 FIRs registered | The Economic Times

[3]: Delhi violence: Three mosques targeted, school burnt, shops & homes looted | The Indian Express

[4]: Hindu mobs terrorise Vijay Park’s residents | The Caravan

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[6]: HC Judge Who Pulled Up Delhi Police Over Riots Shunted Out by Modi Govt | The Wire

[7]: Why Delhi violence has echoes of the Gujarat riots | BBC News


(The institutional affiliations of the signatories are provided for identification purposes only and do not indicate the official positions of these institutions. The form is still open. We will continue to update this form over the next few days.)


1 Alok Laddha Chennai Mathematical Institute
2 Madhusudhan Raman TIFR
3 Subramanya Hegde Harish-Chandra Research Institute
4 Aneesh P B Chennai Mathematical Institute
5 Arpan Kundu IMSc
6 Rahul Dandekar IMSc, Chennai
7 Arnab Priya Saha Harish-Chandra Research Institute
8 Manu Chennai Mathematical Institute
9 Aditi Dudeja Rutgers University
10 Soumya Chattopadhyay ISI Kolkata
11 Biswajit Sahoo Harish-Chandra Research Institute (HRI)
12 L L Ganesh Chandra Harish Chandra Research Institute
13 Kornikar Sen Harish-Chandra Research Institute
14 Gokul Nanda IIT Madras
15 Subham Dutta Chowdhury TIFR
16 Saran V IIT Madras
17 Pranjal Nayak University of Geneva
18 Ramadas N Chennai Mathematical Institute
19 Aditya Banerjee Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
20 Soniya biswas Hebrew university
21 Rivu Gupta HRI
22 kinjal banerjee BITS Pilani, Goa Campus
23 Purnata G IIT Madras
24 Prashant Kocherlakota Institute for Theoretical Physics, Frankfurt
25 Aranya Bhattacharya SINP, Kolkata
26 Satyaki Chakravarty University of North Carolina Greensboro
27 Ritabrata Bhattacharya CMI
29 Abhishodh Prakash ICTS-TIFR
30 Bithika Karmakar Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
31 Soumyadip Bandyopadhyay BITS Goa
32 Adhip Agarwala ICTS
33 Ronak M Soni Stanford University
34 Tathagata Sengupta Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education
35 Deepshikha Jaiswal-Nagar IISER Trivandrum
36 Sudipto Acharyya Whistling Woods International
37 Sharad Raj Whistling Woods International
38 Adwitee Roy Chennai Mathematical Institute
39 Pratik Roy Chennai Mathematical Institute
40 Arya Bhattacharyya IIT Kharagpur
41 ANUPAM A H imsc chennai
42 Indrani BITS Pilani, Goa Campus
43 Bobby Ezhuthachan RKMVERI
44 Anupama Potluri University of Hyderabad
45 Himanshu Badhani IMSc Chennai
46 Praveen IIT Bombay
47 Rupsa bhattacgarjee IIT Delhi
48 DSOUZA Florence Lecturer in English, University of Lille, France
49 Rajkamal Srivastava Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
50 Sajad Ahmad Bhat Saha Institute of nuclear physics
51 Amit Upadhyay Assistant Professor, TISS Hyderabad
52 Anusuya CSMCRI
53 Shilpaa Anand BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus
54 Karen Gabriel St Stephen’s College
55 Aswathy Raveendran BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus
56 Resmi Lekshmi Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology
57 Gourab saha SINP, Kolkata
58 Sounak Biswas University of Oxford
59 Padma Velaskar Professor (retd) TISS Mumbai
60 T Sobha Rani University of Hyderabad
61 Panchami Jose HBCSE,TIFR
62 Chandrashekar KA The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
63 Ishan Santra Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
64 Jyotirmoy Dey IIST TVM
65 Soumangsu Chakraborty TIFR, Mumbai
66 Rossi D’Souza HBCSE TIFR
67 Asweel ahmed IMSC Chennai
68 Subham Rath Alumni IISc, Bangalore
69 Rekha Mammen TISS
70 Fahad IMSc chennai
71 Vaibhav Vaish IISER Mohali
72 Debatri Chattopadhyay CAS, Swinburne
73 Naveen Surendran IIST, Thiruvananthapuram
74 Sayantan Datta TIFR Hyderabad
75 Amrita Sengupta Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
76 Diksha dhar KL University
77 Anannya Bohidar University of Pennsylvania
78 Gurinder Singh HBCSE
79 Husna Hasan CA Pondicherry University
80 Asma Saifudeen INSERM
81 Bikram Kumar Jena Asst. Professor in Anthropology (OES – 1), Model Degree College, Deogarh
82 Arghya Chattopadhyay Institute of Mathematical Sciences
83 Aditya Sharma BITS-Pilani
84 Shrikrishna Dani TIFR (Retired)
85 Ashruf Syed IIT Madras
86 Pramath A V HRI
87 Ajijur Rahaman CSIR-JRF
88 Parvati Shastri Retired Professor MU
89 Guruprasad Kar Professor, ISI, Kolkata
90 S.K.Venkatesan TNQ Technologies
91 C. Lakshmanan Dalit Intellectual Collective
92 Dr. Mostaid Ahmed The Neotia University
93 Aparajay MIDS, Chennai
94 Mahuya Datta Indian Statistical Institute
95 Muthukumar M Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore
96 Abhishek Shaw Doctoral Student, IIM Ahmedabad
97 Suman Guha Presidency University, Kolkata
98 Kuntal Ghosh Indian Statistical Institute
99 Sangeeta Ghosh ISID, New Delhi
100 Usman Tata institute of Social sciences Mumbai
101 TATHAGATA GUPTA Indian Statistical Institute
102 Dr. Munmun Biswas Brahmananda Keshab Chandra College under West Bengal State University
103 Anirban Mukherjee S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
104 SAMUEL ASIR RAJ S. Professor, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli
105 ALTHAF IIT Madras
106 Anurag Tiwari Tata institute of fundamental research
107 Minerva Mukhopadhyay IIT Kanpur
108 Saikat Das Raman Research Institute, RRI
109 Madiha TISS
110 Arunabha Saha University of Geneva
111 MOHAMMED ZAFAR ANIS Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta
112 Panchali Banerjee Jadavpur University
113 Ritam Bhaumik INRIA Paris
114 Saswata Sahu IIEST Shibpur
115 Komal Salecha Sophia College
116 Shamik Das IIT Guwahati
117 Tanmoy Mondal HRI
118 Chandan Singh Dalawat Harish-Chandra Research Institute
119 Md. Abhishek Harish-Chandra Research Institute
121 Taniya Mandal IISER Bhopal
122 Sachin Grover HRI
123 Sucheta Majumdar Université Libre de Bruxelles
124 Atanu Haldar ONGC
125 Nirmalya Kajuri Chennai Mathematical Institute
126 Dr. Abu Saleh Raja Peary Mohan College (University of Calcutta)
127 Parul Keshari Harish Chandra Research Institute
128 Md. Israfil Social Worker at Right Track
129 Sidhartha Samtani University of Padua
130 Jayita Lahiri HRI, Allahabad
131 Md Abu Taher University of Hyderabad
132 Sarbajaya Kundu University of Sherbrooke
133 Mahendra G Nadkarni Emeritus Professor, Department of Mathematics,university of Mumbai
134 Prof. A. R. Khuda Bukhsh Retd. Professor Emeritus of UGC, University of Kalyani, Kalyani-741235, WB.India.
135 Sreya Dutta Chowdhury JNU
136 Preeti Delhi University
137 Alolika Mukhopadhyay West Bengal State University
138 Shouvik Datta University of California, Los Angeles
139 Nairit Sur NISER
140 Chiranjib Mukhopadhyay Harish Chandra Research Institute
141 Parthiv Haldar Indian Institute of Science
142 Anurag Kaushal TIFR, Mumbai
143 Aradhita Chattopadhyaya Trinity college Dublin
144 Srajal Nayak University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
145 Shivani Upadhyaya University of California Berkeley
146 Padmaja Shaw Rtd Professor, Osmania University
147 aayushi University of Pennsylvania
148 D Chandrika TIFR Hyd
149 Saloni Agrawal University of Edinburgh
150 Shakeel Ur Rahaman IIT Kanpur
151 DR GUY R JEHU Trinity College Dublin
152 Alakta Das IISc, Bangalore
153 Apratim Kaviraj Ens paris
154 Chetkar Jha University of Pennsylvania
155 Johannes Aspman Trinity College Dublin
156 Varuni P IMSc Chennai
157 Chaitanya Ursekar Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education
158 Saad Khaleel Mahatma Gandhi Institute of technology
159 SAKKEEL P T Pondicherry University
160 Isha Sengupta University of Pennsylvania
161 Deepikaa Menon University of Geneva
163 Radhika Vathsan BITS Pilani goa campus
164 Raul Pereira Trinity College Dublin
165 Jyotishka Datta University of Arkansas
166 Ajmala Ashraf IIT Bombay
167 Kesavan TIFR Hyderabad
168 Saumia JINR, Dubna
169 Greeshma Central University of Karnataka
170 Sreemoyee Dasgupta University of Pittsburgh
171 Pallavi Bhat University of Leeds
172 Bhawna Pandey Bose institute
173 Bhanu Pratap Das Tokyo Institute of Technology
174 Sowmya Dechamma C C UoH
175 Debangshu Mukherjee IISER Bhopal
176 Soumyajit Mandal Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
177 Abantika University of Massachusetts Lowell
178 Shahina Rahman Texas A&M Univeristy
179 Rathijit Biswas Bose Institute
180 Abul Qasim Indian institute of science education and research Bhopal
181 Andrea Orta Trinity College Dublin
182 Sujatha Surepally Satavahana University
183 Tapas Mitra Guru das College, Kolkata
184 Rongili biswas West bengal education service
185 Theres Central University of Tamil Nadu
186 Nicolas Lang Trinity College Dublin
187 Sajesh Vijayan IISER Thiruvananthapuram
188 SRIKANTH MV University of Hyderabad
189 Avik Banerjee Bose Institute
190 Bhangya Bhukya University of Hyderabad
191 Dhruva Kathuria Texas A&M University
192 Madhumita Roy BKC College, kolkata
193 Tanmay Deshpande TIFR, Mumbai
194 Anjali Krishnan University of Heidelberg
195 Amit Singh IIT Bombay
196 Jenny Rowena Miranda House, University of Delhi
197 Hany Babu University of Delhi
198 Rudranil Basu Harvard University
199 Bindu. K. C. AUD
200 MUHAMMAD ANSHAD V P Tata Institute of social sciences
201 Soham Bhattacharya TIFR, Mumbai
202 Satadal Datta Harish-Chandra Research Institute
203 Utkarsh Bajpai University of Delaware
204 Sonali Gera Stony Brook University, New York
205 Aritra Bhattacharya IMSc Chennai
206 Hasbi Central university of Tamil Nadu
207 V. Sathish Kumar Institute of Mathematical Sciences
208 GAYATHRI SURESH BABU Central University of Karnataka
209 ATREYEE BASU Mahendraganj High school,Sagar,West Bengal
210 Bindhulakshmi Pattadath Tata Institute of Social Sciences
212 Bijoy Mathew IISER Thiruvananthapuram
213 Ratheesh IMSc Chennai
214 Bharati Jagannathan Miranda House
215 Dr. Alokemoy Basu Acharya Brajendra Nath Seal College, Coochbehar, WB
216 Nina Morgan KSU, Georgia
217 Sandra MJ Central University of Tamilnadu
218 Sania Iqbal Hashmi Jawaharlal Nehru University
219 Rahna VN Central University of Tamil Nadu
220 Debaditya Bhattacharya Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol
221 Nandini Dutta Miranda House, University of Delhi
222 Feba Rasheed Ramjas College
223 Sourav Kumar Dey High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), Japan
225 rohan poojary SINP
227 Rahana S.R. Research Scholar at Central University of Tamil Nadu
228 Subhodeep Chatterjee MAKAUT
229 Lakshmi Menon VTM NSS College University of Kerala
230 SURATNO Basu Chennai Mathematical Institute
231 Pranav Jani The Ohio State University, USA
232 Arpita Nandy Saha institute of Nuclear physics
233 Soumya Chakrabarti Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
234 Ayesha Irfan Delhi university
235 Rohini Mokashi Punekar IIT Guwahati
236 Sayandeb Chowdhury Ambedkar University Delhi
237 Saunak Basu University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
238 Samana Madhuri Chandrakona Vidyasagar Mahavidyalay, WB
239 Debayudh Chatterjee University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
240 Nupur Samuel OP Jindal Global University, Sonepat Haryana
241 Dr Rina Ramdev DU
242 Meenakshi Malhotra Hansraj college
243 Kopal AUD
244 Hudha Kauser M.P. Central University of Tamil Nadu
245 archana barua IIT guwahati
246 Vasudha Pansare Retired Professor of English, Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College
247 Anandita De UC Davis
248 Chirashree Das Gupta JNU
249 T R Vishnu CMI
250 Sunalini Ambedkar University Delhi
251 Nalini Iyer Seattle University
252 Noduli Pulu DU research scholar
253 Manas Mandal IMSc, Chennai
254 Baidik Bhattacharya Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi
255 Soham Bose Ashoka University, Sonipat
256 Lavanya K Central University of Tamil Nadu
257 Dr Rashmi Varma University of Warwick
258 Siva Shakthi A. IISER Thiruvananthapuram
259 Suniti Madaan JNU, alumnus, DU, Assistant Professor
260 Saad Khaleel Mahatma Gandhi Institute of technology
261 Swapnil Bhowmick Harish Chandra Research Institute.
262 Lata Kharkwal University of Innsbruck
263 Nisarga R TISS Mumbai
264 Nirnoy Basak Harish-chandra Research Institute
265 Sainaba P Central University of Tamil Nadu
266 Rana Barua Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
267 deepani IIT Bombay
268 Sharae Deckard University College Dublin
269 Md Mahafujur Rahaman Aligarh Muslim University
270 Anne Mulhall University College Dublin, Ireland
271 Porscha Fermanis University College Dublin
272 Sean O’Brien Birkbeck, University of London
273 Benu Mohanlal Ramjas College
274 Audrey Bryan Dublin City University
275 Akshay IIT Bombay
276 Hiba Mundott Farook College Calicut
277 Nick Daly UCD
278 Vaisakh C P Institute of Physics of Czech Academy of Science
279 Dara Patricia Downey Trinity College Dublin
280 Manikandan Sambasivam IMSc
281 Rajendran Narayanan Azim Premji University, Bangalore
282 Meghana Rao Azim Premji University
283 Madhura Lohokare O. P. Jindal university
284 Ila Ananya Azim Premji University
285 Sandeep Krishna NCBS TIFR, Bangalore
286 Shalini Srinivasan Azim Premji University
287 Alka ASHOKA University
288 Anand Shrivastava Azim Premji University
289 Mariam central university of Tamil nadu
290 Anwesha Chattopadhyay SINP, Kolkata
291 Afzal shikari Dch college
292 Avik Paul SINP, Kolkata
293 Rahul Pandey Visiting faculty, IIM Lucknow
294 Priyanka Chaturvedi TLS, Germany
295 Karuna D W Visiting faculty, Azim Premji University
296 Atreyie Ghosh University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
297 Sankha Subhra Bakshi HRI, Allahabad
298 Hanan Kashou Rutgers University
299 Roshayed Ali Laskar Nanyang TechnologicalUniversity
300 Sabyasachi Maulik Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
301 Rukmini Sen Ambedkar University Delhi
302 Liza Chowdhury Columbia University
303 Dr. Kate Houlden Brunel University
304 Mazhar Syed Rutgers University
305 Janani IIT Madras
306 Deepti Goel Azim Premji University
307 Samah Selim Rutgers University
308 Sudip Chakraborty TIFR, Mumbai
309 Biprojit IIT Madras
310 Dr. Katherine Fama University College Dublin
311 Athul George IIT Bombay
312 Danish Hamid HSS
313 Shivam Sharma Ambedkar University Delhi
314 Somesh k mathur IIT Kanpur
315 Sumon Sahu Syracuse University, US
316 Deepa Kumar Rutgers University, USA
317 Neeraja IISER Mohali
318 Professor Richa Nagar University of Minnesota
319 Manal Habbal Rutgers University
320 Sonali Dutta Roy Ambedkar University Delhi
321 Lawqueen Kanesh IMSc
322 Sibasish Ghosh The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
323 Asfa Borbora TIFR
324 Philip Shields RIAM
325 Manobina Karmakar IIT Kharagpur
326 Sayan Dasgupta IIT Kharagpur
327 Sambo Sarkar IIT Kharagpur
328 Ubaid Mushtaq IIT Kharagpur
329 Shakeel Calicut University
330 Saniya Wagh TIFR
331 Rweetuparna Guha WWU Münster, Germany
332 Anindya Raychaudhuri University of St. Andrews
333 Anustup Basu University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
334 Mousumi Dasgupta Victoria Institution (College)
335 Shaanta Murshid University at Buffalo
336 Karunya Shirali Louisiana State University
337 Amrita Sengupta IIT Kharagpur
338 Sharmadip Basu Azim Premji University
339 Roopkatha Das College
340 Rajib IISERB
341 Dr. Md. Afsar Ali Principal, Saheed Nurul Islam Mahavidyalaya, North 24 Pargana, W.B.
342 Sonali Dutta Roy Ambedkar University Delhi
343 Hrishit Central University of Jammu
344 Naveena Kumara A NITK Surathkal
345 Satyaki Mazumder IISER K
346 Sofia IIT Bombay
347 Sana Jindani CSMCRI, CSIR-JRF


348 Jaya Inosculation hub
349 Bigyan Mukherjee Vixplor
350 Aditya vyas Saajha – Maharashtra
351 Dr. Ameer Shah T S Doctor
352 Dr. Shahul Hameed T M Doctor
353 Sebin Advocate
354 Soham Das Computer engineer
355 Sudipta Dutt Thermal Plant Engineer
356 S.Karmakar Doctor
357 NISHTHAR engineer
358 Tarun Saha Software Engineer


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