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dead salmon

In recent news, several significant events were simultaneously happening across the world. Here are just a few of the seemingly most relevant ones.

Many Californian beach goers are using the wrong sort of sunscreen. They should be using the zinc oxide type. Yet there are just so many people at the beaches in that state with around forty million people crammed into that state’s land mass So as a result, the “bad” sunscreen from beach people washes away in the ocean and winds up in Hawaii where it is killing off coral beds, the nurseries for many ocean species.

Let’s travel Alaska, ultimate home of half of the world’s salmon. Well, in Yukon Bay, they are dying off in droves. It is because the water there is running too hot for them to survive in it for more than around two hours. It is running at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

This other reality is also happening. The Pebble Mine for metals and minerals is now assured so as to cut off salmon in this location.

Alaska’s Pebble Mine and the Legend of Trump’s Gold

Mar 2, 2017 · Tim Sohn reports on Alaska’s Pebble Mine, a contentious proposal that, after more than a … and just then millions of sockeye salmon were surging up from Bristol Bay to spawn in one of the …

On top of that, the salmon carry Fukushima radiation in their bodies. The poor salmon just can’t get a break , nor many people who rely upon them for a source of protein and livelihood like northwest indigenous people.

Talking about seafood, I don’t recommend East Coast for consumption. It is filled with microplastic and forget Gulf of Mexico. It is filled with a chemical oil dispersant and minuscule globs of oil from the BP spill, which the company tried to hide in terms of the oil spill amount.

Indeed the chemical used by BP is banned in UK. Moreover, BP had an almost identical spill years prior in the Caspian Sea.

Meanwhile parts of Florida are leaking, including Miami, due to ocean level rise. At the same time, some of the Louisiana coast is gone. How sad for families that lost their farms of many generation due to ocean level rise.

So some of the farmers there jacked their homes high up and others went inland to higher ground. What else could they all do after their collective loss?

Then again, GB is losing at least one town to ocean level rise in the fairly near future. Does anyone faintly imagine that people there can sell their homes and places of business in such a death knell?

Let’s, though, take a trip to Colorado now. There exists there the only machine of which I know that measures microplastic falling out of the sky in rain and snow to go into the water supply.

The fallout is supposedly beautiful in many shades. However, the people there surely don’t need to eat East Coast Atlantic seafood to get their dose of microplastic. And how many other places across the world have this condition of microplastic falling from the skies to impact animals, including humans, and plants, waterways and so on?

Well, let’s now go to Russia wherein the permafrost loaded with methane has melted due to climate change factors and wild fires are crisscrossing the huge Siberian region.  In fact ithe fires are so large and so many that there was a smoke alert in California from the Siberian smoke.

This happening is not a surprise for me. After all, I lived in St. Thomas USA Virgin Island region wherein red dust came from Africa on high air currents. Yet, my home there is gone with measured 225 mph winds at house location in a hurricane. So it goes.

People need to wake up while Rome burns instead of fiddling around. It is certainly not just coronavirus about which they should be concerned.

Only if they know and care can meaningful changes be made. This conditional outcome should be obvious.

Sally Dugman lives in MA, USA.




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