The kleptomaniac


Watch out, I recommend, for narassistic psychopaths in your life. Often they are kleptomaniacs, who do everything to destroy others and gain something for themselves. I should know since my mother’s side of the family has included males with this dreadful affliction since the 1600’s.

Indeed, my sister and I, unbeknown to each other, started investigating this disease at the same time several years ago since the profile for it inflicts four males in our family, who we knew. All the same, we didn’t know that each other was looking up the earmarks of the anomaly.

The destruction:

The ruination of things and people are too numerous to count. Yet here are a few examples.

In a rage, my brother stormed out of the house. He pushed hard against my sister’s bike that she was riding at the time. He shoved so hard that the bike had to be out in the trash because it was ruined. She, though, had to be taken to the hospital on account of a gash on her leg. Her scar from the incident provides the evidence.

He use to abuse my sister’s cat simply because he associated the creature with my sister. I witnessed this behavior on his part and tried to stop him. I had no influence in doing so. In short, my action was to no avail.

He was suppose to take my mother’s large piece of living room furniture to a donation site. Instead he ran it so fast to a truck that it, a beautiful teak item, broke apart, as did her lovely bed board, which he also ran. So he threw both in a dumpster legally only allocated for use by people involved in a construction site.

When I was given a pretty princess soap doll and lilac toilet water in a dome as a Christmas present, he threw them into the toilet and laughed about “toilet water”. And the list of the destruction goes on and on.


He was always stealing. He use to steal my sister’s and my toys, candy and more while we grew up. It might be some sort of compulsion.

Our sizable inheritance from our father, very expensive jewelry was taken by him, along with his trying to steal funds from our mother, such as money market account money and Social Security funds. Nonetheless my sister and I managed to stop him. (How odious to have to spend our time this way!)

One ring that he stole from my sister and me was given to his finance. He then promptly went out to have sex with a waitress as he has a sex addiction in addition to theft mania.

In fact, he tried to have sex with me when I was thirteen and offered me to live sexually with him after I left my husband. Unreal! … Then he blamed me and acted hurt when I rejected his proposition.

So my advise is to stay away from people like him. Otherwise you too will suffer consequences.

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Sally Dugman lives in MA., USA.




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