The natural world and humans


 No surprise is here in this set of images. It’s the economy and the scale issue. Around 7.8 humans are now alive of which many look for work vs.2 or 2,5 billion when I was born. And the number of humans keep rising by 200,000 more every day past birth and death rates equaling out.

So the ravaging of the natural world will just keep going. It’s because our economy and laws are set up wrongly. How obvious is this fact?

Is the economy to blame for woes of some?

Anyone who does not see that these issues are  synthetic and interrelated is ignorant, uneducated and/or not sufficiently intelligent. They are factors related to climate change, increasing resource depletion including in times ahead lack of fossil fuels and water; mounting overpopulation of humans, the sixth great extinction, increasing tribalism wherein people want to support those whom they identify as their own kind and slaughter those deemed as outsiders, overshoot and collapse in some regions of the Earth leading into massive migration attempts into other regions already overpopulated with fairly stable economies, conflicts (as caused by gangs, drug lords, war lords, fighting among governments for control, murder, etc.) associated with overshoot and collapse such as has been happening in Rwanda, Yemen, Republic of Congo, Central America and other locations and certainly there are other woes.

I was upset to learn that 50 % of the world had been destroyed and allocated to animal husbandry and agriculture. Another 20 % is due to deforestation, including in the Amazon from where one fifth of the world’s oxygen derives and how about the amount from mining?

And how about eating — that aspect that is involved with 50 % of the Earth’s surface? Since being a toddler, I knew exactly about it.

It is about killing other species, plants and animals, stealing the energy that they made for themselves and using it for oneself. (Imagine the amount of these others that one has consumed since conception until now.)

My parents used to argue with each other about my eating habits since I was a little girl. I just mostly don’t like the smell, the feeling and the taste of food. I suppose that in the background I understand the ramifications — the endless slaughter to obtain for oneself.

If someone doesn’t think that humans aren’t increasingly messing up the Earth in highly significant ways, then Heaven help them. I, myself, know and see, and I’m horrified with looming outcomes.

Sally Dugman lives in MA, USA.




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