Towards a Gender Sensitive Society

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“If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation: – Dr James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey

International women’s day is to be celebrated on 8-March this year with a theme of “Generations Equality’’ across the world.  It is a worldwide event that celebrates the concernments and achievements of women all over the world. It is however ironical that in our part of the globe we are still jousting for their basic rights.

Let’s examine and comprehend about various sort of entities around us, we will eventually come across the reality; the creator has created everything with a purpose. Each and every creation is instrumental to the universe. Among all of them, women is the most enticing one.

A woman who does play an umpteen role throughout her life; yet she has to fight for her rights inside or outside home. At the moment a person having a daughter is considered to be the most unfortunate person on to the living planet despite living in 21st century. The ongoing scenario is somewhat pertinent to that period when the ignorant people from the Arabian Peninsula buried their daughters alive in the graves, because they suffered from the bigotry and ill will towards women.

At present, we are drifting towards the developed nations in the field of education, technology and so forth, but simultaneously we are more ignorant than those Arabs who buried their girls alive. We put them to death through foeticide, as per reports India has one of the highest female foeticide rates in the world. About 300 acid attacks are reported in India each year; India reports highest number of dowry victims at the same time rape is the fourth common crime against women in India. A question arises; why this scorned attitude for the women? This is truly an undignified period for the state when it comes to the equal rights under the article fourteen of the constitution. Our women are being hushed-up to find their own way of livings. They are being forced to beg on streets. They are being exploited, abducted, gang-raped, killed, and considered as the inferior creature. It’s a kind of inhumane nature against them.

When it comes to the marriage of the women in India. It has been always considered as the sharing between the two halves of the society, it objective besides sustenance of life, are emotional well-being and spiritual harmony. It’s actually based on love and mercy, but when it comes to the divorce rate in India it’s an alarming trend since 2000; the present rate of divorce is 18 percent. When we say that marriage is the union of two souls than why divorce rate is increasing?

The government organized many conferences on the name of the women’s rights, launched schemes like “Beti Bachav – Beti padhav” passed many laws in-terms of the safety of the women, but yet they feel panic to move freely on the land of world’s largest democratic country; as they are yet to come out from the trauma of the Nirbhaya and the Asifa. This kind of attitude towards the women is not a good sign for the development of the nation.

Women may make up the world’s half population but more than half of the women’s population are legally restricted from having the same kind of jobs as men especially in the rural areas.

The women’s suffrage movement is maximum in the south Asian and central Asian countries than the European nations. As we aren’t exhibit to grant them their basic rights. A gender gap still persists in the era of modernisation and the India is very much behind in terms of representation of women in the field of technology, business, education, politics and many others as well. Nation can develop only when we empower the women

The father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi expressed his idea about the role of women in the freedom struggle; he emphasised that women had momentous endure for leadership in peace building towards the development of the nation. He wrote that non-violence is woman’s indigenous moral excellence. Gandhi had always sermonise the women strength and their equal rights in the field of the development of the nation. The recent judgement of the Supreme Court which grants women right to permanent commission and command in Indian army was itself a great move towards the upliftment of women in every field, but still we have to do more for them. Treat women graciously and give them utmost recognition.

On this international day let we pledge to save our women from every heinous crime.

Author is a research scholar from Kashmir. [email protected]




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