We the abandoned people of this world

Out there walking miles to our villages

With none in your cities to protect us

During these times of lockdown


We built your houses

We constructed your offices

We built your shopping malls

We produced in your factories


We built your cities from the scratch

We served your needs in your factories, offices and homes

While we still lived in congested locations

We ensured that all your comforts and needs are met


Yet at a time when a thunder has struck

We see that we have been abandoned

While you needed us for making your lives comfortable

You leave us to our fate during these unfortunate times


Staying in the comforts of your home

Washing and cleaning, sanitising and distancing

Trying to protect your lives

You have forgotten our lives


While you brought the disease

We become suspects to be distanced and abandoned

We receive the lathis of your police

We receive apathy of your government in getting transported back


In the comforts of your home

You preach a national duty of preventing the spread

You teach us to stay back

But never thinking that we lack a shelter to stay


You leave us to our fate to reach back

Neither providing the means to go

Nor providing the food to address hunger on our way

Completely devoid of monetary means


While preaching to avoid crowds in these difficult times

You force us to get crowded

Least caring of its implications on us

Making the talk of physical distancing meaningless


T Navin is a Researcher and works with an NGO




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