Will An All India NRC Be Accepted By People In Course Of Time As In Assam?

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It was a very popular narrative that CAA-NRC-NPR has no relationship with religion. So-called liberals, seculars, intellectuals popularised the idea that it will affect only the poor people. The SCs, STs and Backward Classes will be mostly affected. Since it will not affect the majority, so is it going to be acceptable in course of time? Are we heading to a such direction where convincing the majority we are going to oppress a certain classes, the illiterate and poor who don’t have documents?

The way in which Assam has accepted NRC. A massacre like in Nellie that killed more than 5000 Muslims, and directly forced people to participate in Assam NRC process. Now a similar massacre with same intention like in Nellie took place in Delhi that lasted for 3 consecutive days will again force people to accept All India NRC. CAA and NRC are direct attack on the identity of Muslims which very recently became clear once again after a state sponsored RSS massacre in Delhi on Muslims.

Poeple in Assam thought that we should not think about the less number of people who are poor and can’t prove their citizenship with proper documents. Since majority of people have their documents, so it will be better to start and cooperate in the process of NRC in Assam, hoping that it will permanently solve the problem of most of the people’s ‘ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS’ tag. It will be better if only some people will face state oppression, rather than all. They didn’t knew then that their documents will not prove their citizenship because of their Muslim name and the religion they practice.

In case of mainland India, a narrative is in circulation and is well known to all that the elite classes in cities are also protesting against CAA-NRC-NPR not for their own sake, but to save the rights of poors, illiterates, documentless. These elites have their documents of citizenship, who will now cooperate with the government in updation of an All India NRC, thinking that there will be more massacres if we don’t cooperate. These people will now think that if most of the people can prove their citizenship then it is better to go with the decision of government. It is not possible that All Muslims will be excluded from NRC and will put them all into a Detention Centre.

How much is it factually correct to say that a negative impact on poor people will not affect the richer and middle classes. When will that time come to think it as a social problem? Till the Foreigner’s Tribunals (FTs) notice comes to everyone’s doorstep? Or a neighbor or a close relative of ourse is picked up from a random place and will be put into a Detention Centre? Or then, when a family will be separated putting husband/wife or both in Detention Centre making children parentless?

If All India NRC process starts everyone having documents will forget all the Anti-CAA-NRC-NPR movements and remain standing in line to prove their citizenship in order to get out of the false allegations. People will think that if there is availability of documents then it is better to produce it before the officials so that they can remove ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS tag from their name. Like people in Assam accepted to show documents to verify their citizenship in order to get out of the same allegations. But after the completion of Assam NRC, 19 lakhs people are on the verge of statelessnessness due to silly mistakes in their documents. But what about those without documents?

Moheet Aslam is a student of Sociology at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. An inhabitant of Barpeta District in Western Assam. Belongs to the Miya community who are the main target of Assam NRC (National Register of Citizens) to make them stateless. Our community is facing the state horrors of Assam NRC in Detention Centres (DCs) and arbitrary Foreigners Tribunal (FTs).




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