Call her for once,call her by her name,
Another birth you may not born,
To call her once again!!
Hope and despair goes hand in hand,
Whom you choose,’tis your decision..
Step forward,if you hold a broad chest,
Don’t allow despair to play the rest!
It’s tough though,as void and ego don’t let you do,
Remember that ,Miracle does not happen to and fro!
Don’t calculate the steps,while going close to her,
She’s yours,and who better knows than you,ever??

SONALI CHANDA is an eminent writer and author. Born in Suburban KOLKATA,she completed her postgraduation from Burdwan University. Her recent Travelogue is on the way to publish,where she showcased the most sensitive areas in Ladakh and Kashmir. Her writings resemble the current issues and different topics of burning issues in the country and the social malices..!! Recently her travelogue”LADAKH…En route Tibetan TABOOS,which has launched recently in Kolkata,Salt Lake,BHARATIYAM!!
She vividly described her journey throughout the whole Forbidden Land,their languages,religious views,geographical variations,historical backgrounds and many more!!



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