Capitalism and Slop

organ donation

Someone sent me a nasty email that put a vituperative comment about Planned Parenthood selling blood or something related to abortions. A right-winger religiously and otherwise, he seemed irate about it.

However, I deleted his message without reading it. It didn’t shock me as it had, apparently, done to him. Besides, he hates all abortions, it seems, even when women have no or little money to feed, shelter and otherwise tend their children.

In any case, Planned Parenthood is simply trying to make money off of a hot commodity that others want. There is no mystery there.

So, let’s look at capitalism. Many humans and organizations all charge as much as the market can bear for whatever they have to sell and some make billions for themselves while practically starving their workers in the process and if the latter die, so what? They are, after all, expendable and fresh recruits can come into the picture since many humans have an urge to fulfill themselves by any means possible to get as much as we can get for ourselves. (Others simply don’t want to starve or be homeless and, thus, they work for meager wages.)

Here is an example that comes close to home for me:

My daughter and I are full body donors. Here are the basics on this condition.

We donate our bodies and many organs and skin get put in temperature appropriate tanks to be immediately shipped to doctors that need them and our cutters and shippers of our parts make a bundle of money off of our remains.

Then whatever is left of our bodies gets put in a hospital crematorium. Each year the donors here in MA at my closest hospital are memorialized and thanked for choosing the action to donate our remains.

Yea for my daughter and me for supporting capitalism and more? Yea for Planned Parenthood for selling something from abortions? Yea for the whole economic system that turns all of us into money making commodities unless we are highly monied already.

During my work life, I am just a thing, a nothing of no real value except as a commodity to pass money around? Is it the same value that I have after my death?

Oh, I reject this current capitalist model to the bottom of my being. There is no equivocation here on my part — totally undeniably so.

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA.




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