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My God the Almighty!

I tender my sincere praises and thanks at your feet for having created a beautiful space of communication between you and me, through the crisis of Corona pandemic!

Many believe that it is you who have allowed this pandemic. Some others think that it is your wrath. The common perception is that you are punishing the world by allowing corona!

But given the nature of your Living Love, I strongly believe that it is not your wrath; it is not your anger; and not at all your punishment.

I deeply realize that it is the unbearable blunder of the human race that caused this colossal crisis! You gifted us this beautiful planet with a covenant that necessitated the human race to demonstrate Justice, Love and Righteousness so that Kingdom of Peace is established here. However, we are tempted to design our life system that crushes justice, kills love, and destroys righteousness!

I subscribed to a wrong economic system, which creates huge profit and wealth accumulation on one side while allowing massive misery, poverty and hunger deaths on the other. Since I got my share of richness, employment, financial security and status I welcomed this sinful economic system and have not bothered about sufferings of millions of my brothers and sisters and their children. In spite of my sinful role of supporting this worst economic system, I demonstrated my pride that I am a devoted godly person! And even I worshiped you that it is you who blessed me with all this richness, position and status! It is a shame on my part my God!

Next, I welcomed a rotten and stinking political system my God! I supported the leaders, their philosophies and ideas. I knew that their ideas and policies were supporting only the rich to become more rich; I knew very well that their formula of ‘GROWTH’ would potentially damage your beautiful creations on the planet – air, water, forest, living species. I even know that their governance   would enable the rich to accumulate wealth by way of destroying the livelihood resources of the common people. Yet I supported them only because I could get my share of ‘development’ and ‘power’ in my life!

Similarly, I agreed to the idea of their most heinous social system my God! Ignoring the eternal truth that it is LOVE that energizes the life on the planet, I adapted to the worst form of social system my God! Following the cruel footsteps of the dominant forces, directly and indirectly I supported the phenomena of pride, dominance and purity by mistreating and ill-treating others. I cannot even think that women are equal to men! I developed hatred towards others. I regarded caste, class and color as the important factors for human life system. When that hatred bloomed into destructive inferno I kept watching silently! Yes God, when a eight year old shepherd girl was gang-raped, tortured and killed in a temple in the name of supreme god, my silence was so strong. When hundreds of people in the name of religion, language and caste, my silence was so strong! I was deeply silent when smell of Dalit-blood emanated from Sadhupura to Belchi, Kambalapalli to Kil Venmani! God, the list of my ‘silences’ is so big! The greatest sin, my God, is that the repetitive silences of mine have now become my ‘new meditation’, it has become my ‘new prayer’; thus I have become a ‘baktha’ – devotee of a ‘new-faith’ that thrives in destruction, insult, killing and blood-shed! I did so because this has ensured me some better position in my life. It gives me a dominant position in my life. It readily offers me respect and position in life!

Thus I put my status, my gain, my security and my future at the prominent place rather than keeping you at the centre, my God Almighty!  This attitude of mine gave advantage to the evil forces to lure me and more people like me into their treacherous net. Thus we’ve become the new devotees of the new-god! However, now I start realize that it is no more a god, but a evil – mammon! My drawing closer to the mammon widened the gap between you and me, my God!

My beloved God! It is this widening gap that has given birth to Corona pandemic. My greed, my ego, my selfishness, my silence during the forest clearance, my addiction to the perilous ‘GROWTH’ formula, and my surrender to ‘share-market’ economy – all such things gave birth to these Corona viruses. But now we all blame you that it is your wrath! Forgive me! Forgive us! Our Almighty Parameshwar!

My loving God I surrender myself to you! You take care of everything! I do not ask you to save me from the ferocious attack of Corona. But, surly my God Parameshwar! Grant me wisdom and courage to fight the mammon that kills my consciousness of Love, Justice and Righteousness! Sure God! Once we regain our collective consciousness, we are sure of re-starting our journey towards PEACE!


South India Volunteers Alliance-SIVA



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  1. Excellent observation:

    If the warfare against each other and the rest of the earth continues, the creator’s hope for this planet, which in principle could support the harmonious and joyous flourishing of human beings and other forms of life far into the future – God’s experiment with human beings – could come to a grossly premature end. This would be, we can only suppose, one of the supreme tragedies of the universe.