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 Nurses- The corona warriors are battling tirelessly on the frontline to combat the disease. Patient care is a partnership between skilled healthcare professionals of all levels of training. Nurses are Amazing and often contribute much to the success of patient care, as Nurses have been at the forefront of care. Things aren’t going to work if the team isn’t whole but Nurses are definitely the spirit and backbone.

There is no other profession that teaches you how to care others in a professional manner. Nursing upholds the value of empathy__that is feeling with the patient۔۔۔۔۔۔it is not sympathy. What would have been without nurses during this pandemic?? A hospital will come to a grinding halt faster .why??It is because we are trained to make decisions about the treatment, and doctors are not trained in bedside care, Nurses are the ones who directly care for the patient and actually implement the treatment plan. Nursing work involves rendering services on a personal level to the patient and has chances of being exposed to the bodily fluids and contaminations. As nurses, we are the ones at the bedside to constantly assessing our patients and being alert to any changes that require interventions, monitoring vital signs and lab. Results, providing comfort measures, titrating drips for blood pressure or sedation, having the ability to use critical thinking skills etc. Practically, the patient care would suffer tremendously and the hospitals will not function effectively without skilled Nursing, if nurses would not carryout monitoring, early reporting of abnormalities, and unexpected complications etc, the patient would languish and probably die. Nurses are the eyes and ears for the doctor as they keep an eye on their patients condition etc.Nurses are united to do everything in their power to help learn more about and mitigate covid-19.Nursing is the essence of hospital .

According to WHO, “Achieving health for all will depend on there being sufficient numbers of well-trained and educated, regulated and well supported nurses”. From the patient’s point of view, nurses are the heroes. They may only see a fraction of how challenging their job is, but they appreciate the nurses who go out of their way to help, even in such a hurried environment. It’s the high level of personal interaction between nurses and their patients that contributes the most to a patient’s recovery. A prescription alone won’t heal someone. Nurses have the opportunity to play a central role in transforming the healthcare system to create a more accessible ,high quality and value driven environment for patients .Nurses are battling this pandemic  and social stigma, they were told by their lanlords,to vacate the place they had rented out. One New York-based nurse, Grace Oghiehor-Enoma, sums up the thoughts of many:

                        “It’s like you’re going into the battlefield. You see the fire, and you’re running into the fire, not thinking about yourself. That is the selflessness that you can see in nursing today.”

When you think of nurses, you might think they’re under the direct orders of a doctor, but they’re actually two entirely different, independent professions that work with each other. Nurses take an even greater role in healthcare delivery, We work with patients at every stage in their lives, from birth to death. We deliver babies safely with few if any resources; and we are often the people who are there to make sure that an individual can die in the most dignified and pain free way possible. We know what our patients and communities need. Without a doubt, nurses are very knowledgeable, more skilled but surely many vital functions are just outside their scope of practice like surgery, many medical procedures & diagnostic tests or diagnose rare or complicated disease process are going beyond their skilled set, they are not trained for it and they don’t need to be ,because that’s why the doctors spend more than a decade in school & training when it comes to the practice of medicine, doctors are more important ,the reason is obvious; when it comes to the practice of nursing ,practical aspect, Nurses are more important. Patients would be able to receive the quality of care, improve the safety of the patients by reducing risks of bloodstream infections and drug residues, Nurses provide insight into the entire care delivery process. This front line perspective can have a critical impact on the quality and safety of the care that is provided. as Nurses have been at the forefront of care.

Globally, the number of cases and fatalities continues to climb.There is serious concern about the health of Nurses working round the clock at the frontline of the fight without adequate PPE (personal protective equipment).This uneven battle is common globally but its more worse for a country like India which is having the NPR 1:475.14(nurse population ratio),According to Who and India spend analysis of data from the INC(Indian nursing council).Moreover the unavailability of PPE kits and most important N95 masks put the entire medical fraternity in danger. cording to who ,almost 90% patients are carriers of the virus, are asymyptomatic.though PPE kits are being reserved for staff at covid-19 facilities .Availability of PPE is the critical issue so is the quality, Nurses on the rotational shifts while initially provided cotton masks. Nurses are the real Covid 19 warriors who are away from their families, who risking their lives to offer service to corona virus patients. At places, Nurses have been compelled to carry their own ppE. Add to this our woeful staff ration, with shortage of 2 million nurses and this gap will be felt more acute as the stage 3 looms. Going by current trends, around half of private hospitals and most of govt.hospitals in the country will have to close down in the next five years because of an acute shortage of Nurses, Mr.Roy warned. According to WHO “investing in nurses is good value for money’’. Nursing is one of the most versatile professions with health care work force, nurses can work across a variety of specialized units, and Doctors remain limited to their specialized fields. This makes sense because doctors need to be able to make a specific diagnosis .Nurses, on the other hand have a job that requires specializations in carrying out tasks and connecting with patients This is what makes their job versatile.




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