truth teller photo
Photo by anokarina

I must go where my conscience takes me not where I am supposed to go.

I must do what my conscience dictates, in fact demands. I cannot succumb.

I have made mistakes and I’ll repent forever, not in some magical way but in a very practical way.

I will learn to want less and thus to have more freedom for all of us.

I will abandon the frivolities.

I don’t need them. No one needs them.

It is weak and pathetic to destroy life on the altar of things.

It is amazing to enhance life with desires- for decency and humanity.

It is unnecessary to maintain pretenses.

It is not in the fitness of things to surrender.

It is an incivility to be civil to the uncivil.

 It is foolish to fight a dragon with a twig.

Romi Mahajan in an Author, Marketer, Investor, and Activist




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