God bless the cherry-pickers!
They swarm upon the ground—
picking, picking, picking
what’s unerringly found.

They love low-hanging branches
where picking’s easily done.
They abhor a wealth of chances.
“Tough nuts” they always shun!

They tell you what you’ve heard
a hundred thousand times.
They claim the final word
is easy—and it rhymes!

They know the way to Timbuktu.
They know the way to Hell.
They also know what’s good for you
and they’ll gladly tell.

“Facts!” they cry, then pick the one
to easily comply.
(Too many “facts” will over-run!)
They pick facts where they lie.

To assay the greater wholeness,
to untie the master knot,
takes elements of boldness
beyond the common lot.

Gary Steven Corseri has published novels, books of poetry and a literary anthology (editor). His dramas have been performed on PBS-Atlanta, and he has read his poems at the Carter Presidential Center. His articles have appeared at The New York Times, Village Voice, The Greanville Post, etc.




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