In Solidarity with the All India Protest organised by Central Trade Unions on 22nd May ’20 the New Socialist Alternative will be participating, demanding the immediate reversal of policy proposals by the Modi government attacking the laws and legislations concerning the welfare of the Working Class of India.

Modi’s authoritarian regime has continued its notorious practice of adding more fuel to the raging fire. The current crisis primarily caused by his inept administration in dealing with Corona Crisis. What took the Congress six decades to dismantle the idea of social welfare and justice the the current BJP led regime has trying to achieve in last six years.

Ever since the Corona Pandemic Lock-down that came into effect on March 25th without any warning to 1.34+ Billion people or any preparedness whatsoever on the part of the Modi regime, which has resulted in 3441 deaths (as we write this) not just because of the Corona virus, but also because of the combination of factors of bureaucratic bungling, authoritarian measures and high-handedness of the state governed by Modi.

Over and above these Modi’s anti-poor policies. Even in the midst of health emergency government chose to uphold interests of private healthcare investors by forcing Supreme Court to revert its earlier decision of directing Private Hospitals to test the suspected Corona patients freely.

It is more than evident that the Modi’s regime is incapable of dealing with the sordid situation prevalent in the country, and provide any succour to the beleaguered India’s Billion plus, in the name of relief the Finance Minister is peddling loans to the already financially burdened working people including peasants But paradoxically it has continued its blatant and shameless bailout packages for the rich.

The Modi led BJP Governments, using the Corona crisis situation which has created a health emergency in the entire country has aggressively moved to attack all sections of the working class. The labour rights that have been won through decades of struggle has come under vicious attack from BJP all over India.

Every aspect of pro- working class reforms are being put on hold for 3 years. Already the state Governments of Madhya Pradesh, Uttara Pradesh and Gujarat have implemented this draconian change, the Govt. of Karnataka led by Yediyurappa is eagerly planning to bring this to force.

In the name of efficiency and growth and to prop-up India’s flailing economy, corporate bosses such as Infosys Narayanamurthy, have joined the chorus by publicly campaigning for the increase of working hours to be increased from 8 to 12.

We the working people of India completely reject this atrocious move of the Govt. Unemployment which is at a 45 year high, According to new data from a private research agency the lock-down to curb the spread of coronavirus has seen 122 million Indians lose their jobs in April alone. India’s unemployment rate is now at a record high of 27.1%, according to the Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy (CMIE).

Run-away inflation, galloping price rise of all essentials has pushed the entire working class population into poverty and penury. Modi’s regime has forced a significant number of working class population to literally turn to beggary.

We condemn the move of the Govt. to withhold Dearness Allowance(DA), which is going to hit hard the workers and their families .
We demand restoration of Dearness Allowance and its immediate payment by all employers to all workers.

Stop all Privatisation plans, we demand renationalisation of all Public sector Industries and Services
Reject Changes in Working Hours duration, must remain Eight Hours only.
Stop all changes to labour Laws and legislations

Say no to all attack on Workers’ Rights.

Minimum Wages must be raised to ₹25,000 per month for all workers.

Workers of all sectors, including Public, Private and other migrants workers must unite as one class to fight back against this onslaught by Modi regime

We Shall Fight & We will win – Workers’ unity Zindabad.

The New Socialist Alternative



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