Solidarity Message to Trade Union Protest Day on May 22, 2020


We urge civil society organisations and peoples movements in India to express unconditional solidarity and support to the Central Trade Unions in India as they observe the nationwide protest on May 22, 2020 against the draconian changes in labour laws being brought about by various State Governments in India.

The anti-labour virus has spread all over, as shown by the fact that Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Odisha and Assam have made changes in the labour laws.

The working hours have been increased from 8 hours to 12 hours a day and 72 hours a week, which means that workers can be compelled to work for 12 hours every day for six days in a week. Worse, overtime wages have been done away with. This is tantamount to legalising servitude in its worse form.

We are deeply worried about the fact that the labour law changes squarely takes away the right of workers to form trade unions, to be associated with them and to represent their cases collectively with the employer or with the governments.

Among the laws made defunct by the amendments are the social security laws at a time when it is becoming evident that these are the meagre savings they have at the time of sudden lose in income. We also understand the need for India pursing a policy of universal social security considering the fact that those countries with robust systems of social protection withstand economic crisis better.

We are extremely concerned that these changes are being made while the whole country is going through the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, which is a health emergency situation, which has hugely affected the income of the lives and livelihoods for millions of workers in India.

We affirm that labour rights are embodiments of civil and democratic rights as guaranteed in the Constitution of India and are within India’s commitment to international human rights covenants.

We urge all citizens in the country to support the efforts of trade unions to defend labour rights.

We urge the Central and State governments to withdraw the changes in labour laws with immediate effect and no changes should be brought about without consulting trade unions.

In Solidarity – Civil Society and People’s Movements in India. 22/05/2020.

Endorsed by:

1. Prof. Dr. K.C. Malhotra – Uttar Pradesh

2. Dr. Walter Fernandes – Assam

3. Dr. Shailendra – Haryana

4. Mr. J. John – New Delhi

5. Mrs. C.Indra Das Gupta – New Delhi

6. Mr. Sreedhar Ramamurthy – New Delhi

7. Mr. Mervin Makhwan – New Delhi

8. Mr. P.V. Mall – New Delhi

9. Advocate. Sanjay Uphadaya – New Delhi

10. Mr. Willy D’Costa – Gujarat

11. Mr. Ashok Shrimali – Gujarat

12. Mr. Bibhudutta – Nagaland

13. Mr. Meren Jamir – Nagaland

14. Mr. Mumai Phega – Manipur

15. Mr. Sailesh Chakravathi – West Bengal

16. Mr. Ashish Biswas – West Bengal

17. Mr. Tridib Reeves – West Bengal

18. Mr. Dhananjaya Bhatbyal – West Bengal

19. Mrs. Monijinjir Bypari – West Bengal

20. Mr. Joy Tudu – Jharkhand

21. Mrs. Elina Hora – Jharkand

22. Mr. Bineet Munda – Jharkand

23. Film Maker – Megnath – Jharkand

24. Mr. Tonol Murmu – Jharkhand

25. Mrs. Dayamani Barla – Jharkhand

26. Mr. Ranjan Panda – Odisha

27. Mr. Badal Kumar Tah – Odisha

28. Mr. Dhirendra Panda – Odisha

29. Mr. Sandeep Pattnaik – Odisha

30. Mr. Pramod Pattnaik – Odisha

31. Advocate Bibu Prasad Tripathy – Odisha

32. Mr. Himanshu Upadhya – Odisha

33. Mr. Himanshu Satpathy – Odisha

34. Mr. Sankarsana Hota – Odisha

35. Mr. Santosh Kumar Patnaik, Odisha

36. Advocate Kishore Ku. Patnaik – Odisha

37. Mr. Sudhakar Patnaik – Odisha

38. Mr. Nicholas Barla – Odisha

39. Mr. Jayakrishna Hota – Odisha

40. Mr. Pradeep Baisakh – Odisha

41. Mrs. Bikas Banja – Odisha

42. M. Sudarshan Choutray – Odisha

43. Mr. Sukant Ku. Mohanty – Odisha

44. Mr. Mahindra Parida – Odisha

45. Fr. Ajay Singh – Odisha

46. Dr. Prabir Chatterji – Chattisgarh

47. Dr. Sasiprabha – Andhra Pradesh

48. Mr. Ravi Pragada – Andhra Pradesh

49. Mr. Roshan Didla – Andhra Pradesh

50. Mr. Sahadevaiah – Andhra Pradesh

51. Mr. Imthiaz – Andhra Pradesh

52. Mr. Rajendra – Andhra Pradesh

53. Mr. Sushant – Andhra Pradesh

54. Mr. K. Appa Rao – Andhra Pradesh

55. Dr. William Stanley – Andhra Pradesh

56. Mr. Rama Raju – Andhra Pradesh

57. Mr. Dominic D’Souza – Andhra Pradesh

58. Mr. Rathnam – Andhra Pradesh

59. Mr. Rajendra – Andhra Pradesh

60. Advocate Trinad Rao – Andhra Pradesh

61. Mr. Uday Kumar – Andhra Pradesh

62. Dr. Anita Rego – Telangana

63. Mr. Ramesh – Telangana

64. Dr. Daniel Premkumar – Telengana

65. Mrs. Sukanya – Maharashtra

66. Mr. John D’Souza – Maharashtra

67. Mr. Irfan Engineer – Maharashtra

68. Prof. Ram Puniyani – Maharashtra

69. Mr. Kalanand Mani – Goa

70. Mr. Pradeep Esteeves – Karnataka

71. Mr. Sathish Samuel – Karnataka

72. Mr. Rajashekhara – Karnataka

73. Film Maker – K.P. Sasi – Karnataka

74. Mrs. Cynthia Stephen – Karnataka

75. Mr. T.Y. Devaraju – Karnataka

76. Mr. Roy David – Karnataka

77. Mr. Inbaraj – Karnataka

78. Dr. Vincent Rajkumar – Karnataka

79. Mr. Sandip Pattanaik – Karnataka

80. Mr. Vimalnathan – Karnataka

81. Mr. David Selvaraj – Kanataka

82. Dr. Aruna Jonathan – Karnataka

83. Mr. Augustine Ullathil – Karnataka

84. Advocate. Venkatesh Bubberjung, Karnataka

85. Fr. Benny Benedict – Kerala

86. Mr. T. Peter – Kerala

87. Mr. Anto Akra – Kerala

88. Mr. Victor – Puducherry

89. Mr. Yuvaraj – Puducherry

90. Mr. Christopher Rajkumar – Tamil Nadu

91. Dr. Krishnan – Tamil Nadu

92. Dr. Bennet Benjamin – Tamil Nadu

93. Dr. Sheila Benjamin – Tamil Nadu

94. Mr. Uday Gnanadason – Tamil Nadu

95. Mr.Vinoth – Tamil Nadu

96. Mr. Sivakunar – Tamil Nadu

97. Mr. Rajagopal – Tamil Nadu

98. Mr. Savithri Kannan – Tamil Nadu

99. Mr. Arivazagan – Tamil Nadu

100. Mr. Bharathi – Tamil Nadu

101. Mr. Thomas Jeyaraj – Tamil Nadu

102. Dr. James Arputharaj – Tamil Nadu

103. Mr. Richard Devadas – Tamil Nadu

104. Mr. Kosumani – Tamil Nadu

105. Dr. Esther Kadiroli– Tamil Nadu

106. Mr. Pandian Kamal – Tamil Nadu

107. Mr. Chandra Mohan – Tamil Nadu

Individuals, Representatives of Movements, CSOs and Oikotree India.



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