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Those who know me the best know the many number of years that I’ve fought to protect and foster forests, meadows, wetlands, wild animals and peoples across the world, including ones in a lepers’ colony not located in the USA.

I started in my direction as a toddler and got better in my associates tasks year by year. Yet as a friend said to me, outcomes get worse and worse year by year, which makes one feel nearly helpless. So it goes and, all the same, one strikes forward again and again.

Despite that I’m dreadfully discouraged and living increasingly on a planet becoming a corpse, I’m not quitting my bent that makes up about who I am in my basic self. I will not change course in the face of adversity.

Otherwise who else would I be other than an opposite of my identity? Indifference or going against core central values is too inconsistent to incorporate. Simple. …

As Popeye the Sailor says, “I am what I am.” And I met the real Popeye On whom the comic was based in Florida when I was five years old. He was an old man then.

Yup, we will not be something alternative to ourselves. I will not change to fit into societal norms. No reforming for me in my rock solid ways of being. Set in my ways, I will carry them forward as best as can be done regardless of outcomes.

I will not change. Bottom line of my being is held in total firmness until I may get senile or die.

Meanwhile I grieve. How not? How to sit on my rump and do nothing? I want to be an authentic human. I strive my best to be it and others can do so, too.

From Friends of Earth foundation, I learned quotationally this:

Last winter, the world watched as illegal deforestation caused 2.3 million acres of forest and land across Indonesia to burn for weeks. And every year, big agribusiness slashes an area of tropical rainforest the size of Oregon.

But these businesses don’t act alone — they’re propped up by financial firms like BlackRock, the world’s largest investment company. BlackRock has more money invested in big agribusiness than any other company in the world.

BlackRock’s Annual General Meeting is coming up. So is fire season across the topics, where we can expect forests from Indonesia to the Amazon to burn again as they did last year. It’s urgent that BlackRock act NOW to defund deforestation and help stop this year’s fires before they start.

Sally Dugman writes from MA, USA.



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