When you kill a person you kill more than just another body.

You kill a brain, a soul, a congealed set of experiences, emotions, and connections.

You kill loves, wants, thoughts, desires, ideas.

You kill futures and pasts. You kill loves ones’ hopes and calm.

You kill sleep. You kill joys and laughs.

You kill all the books read, all the experiences had, all the promises unkept.

You kill a son’s excitement about a day spent hanging out. You kill a daughter’s excitement to bring home an A.

You kill the wisdom and advice. You kill family time on a rainy day.

You kill the call for advice, the love of grand-parenting, the selfless love offered grandkids.

You kill all the good decisions, the things done and not done to prepare for the future, the planned vacation never taken.

You kill the entire range of emotions. You kill wonderment. You kill daydreaming.

You kill a peaceful sit on the patio. You kill drinks with close friends.

You kill the present. You kill aspirations.

You kill jokes. You kill joys.

Yes, when you kill a person more than just a body.

Romi Mahajan in an Author, Marketer, Investor, and Activist



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