On 30 May 2020, Iyad Hallaq, a 32 year old autistic man, was killed by Israeli Police. This poem is an encapsulation and remembrance of Iyad Hallaq’s agonizing death. 

In the subdued sighs of oppression

I always remember you.

In the craggy crevices of colonialism,

I find your helpless heart pulsating in pain.

From the blood beplastered barrel of gun,

Your cracked cries of anguish turbulently emerge,

Crashing into the cruelty-crusted pillars of Jerusalem.

On the shriek-slathered soil of savagery,

I see your blood-blanketed body,

Saturated in the mist of macabre memories,

 Bathed in bullets,

Softly speaking to the soul of Palestine.

One day, we will liberate the dazed dance of dignity

From the marred munitions of Israel

One day, we will uncage the suffocated screams of war-wasted children

From the cold jaws of Jerusalem.

That day is not far

When your unassailed face

Will appear on the freedom-flowered sky of Palestine.

Yanis Iqbal is a student and freelance writer based in Aligarh, India and is interested in studying the existential conditions of subaltern classes. He can be contacted at yanisiqbal@gmail.com.



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