25th June 2020 will mark the 45th anniversary of the Emergency. On this day we appeal to everyone interested in preserving Indian democracy and upholding the Indian Constitution to participate in the following campaign:

Take a selfie holding a poster saying `Resist Super Emergency’ along with any of the following slogans in English or any other language of your choice:

  1. Protect Indian Democracy!
  2. Defend the Indian Constitution!
  3. Repeal Draconian Laws!
  4. Repeal UAPA and Sedition Laws!
  5. Stop Harassing Journalists! (You may make it general or naming one or two people you are concerned about)
  6. Stop Crushing Dissent ! (It can be specific or general)
  7. Stop Attacks on Religious Minorities!
  8. Stop Persecution of Students!
  9. Release All Political Prisoners!
  10. Stop Destroying India’s Federalism!

You may hold the poster, take your photograph and put it up on your Facebook, Twitter (#ResistSuperEmergency), Instagram timeline or using any other social media platforms like Whats App, Telegram and other forums. Make sure that you circulate it among your friends including the Facebook page of ‘Resist the Super Emergency’. (https://www.facebook.com/Resist-the-Super-Emergency-112630027150445/)

We appeal to you to do this minimum act from your side to express your opposition to the destruction of democracy in India. We request you to share the concerns of Indian Democracy Matters as widely as possible.

In Solidarity,

Indian Democracy Matters

Email: defendtheindianconstitution@gmail.com



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