I can’t breath

Allow me to breath

Not just because I want to live

But because I have every right to live


Stop me from taking breath

Just because I belong to a different colour

Colour does not make me any lesser of a person

Who cannot have even a liberty to breath


My forefathers have fought

Just to ensure that I can breath

Breathe the freshness of freedom

In this land known for its tolerance for freedom


Generations have passed in slavery

Succumbing to violence, exploitation, lynching and oppression

With great struggles of my forefathers have we won this independence

You just can’t take away our hard won freedom


Colour of your skin doesn’t make you superior

Or the colour of my skin make me inferior

It is what nature and biology has bestowed it on us

With its inherent equality in diversity


Stop your act of preventing me to breath

It makes me suffocated

A suffocation arising from facing racial prejudices

For generations that have passed


T Navin works with an NGO as a Researcher



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