Community Schooling amid COVID-19


In the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir,the worthy Commissioner Secretary Education, Dr Asgar Hassan Samoon, has tweeted yesterday that the local teachers/ lecturers may volunteer themselves for the community schooling in their Mohallas/ Villages with parental support and strict adherence to the SOPs and precautions.

The teaching community mostly in the valley showed the tremendous response to the tweet and immediately made themselves available to the student community for the said initiative. It is a sign of dedication, responsibility and community belonging which has been shown by the teachers both from the government as well as the private sector. The quick positive response made me proud of my profession and the people around me in the department of human resource.

The teaching community of the J & K has always been in the forefront for the betterment of the society in each and every possible manner. It has never shown any negative approach towards any assignment or hectic job for which it is often asked for.

But,this time, there is a sound perception that the teacher should wait a while and follow a thought process before starting the given job like:

a) The government is yet to have a clear cut official order in this regard ( Community Schooling) and the mechanism how to start the process. Let there be some official order.

b) The faternity must think collectively and should prefer a community hall or well demarcated open area instead of the private residences in order to have the process effective and purposeful.

c) The fundamental identity, individuality, self-respect and the secrecy of the student must be the top priority for every tutor.

d) There should be a fixed time table and the proper management of the process otherwise it will be like every body’s responsibility is no body’s responsibility.

e) The department must make public the general precautions which the teachers and the students must follow while going for a class.

f) The different age groups and class wise students must have separate timings if not separate locations for the classes.

g) Let the faternity have full ground work and good preparation before starting the actual classes like mode of physical distance, useful TLMs and the awearness among the general public about the necessary precautions.

h) The unplanned process may lead to fall and spoil the whole noble idea hence the plan must be there and the better plan is always formulated in a collective manner.

I) There should be some sort of memorandum between the different stakeholders so that the education as well as health and other sectors may take due care of their respective aspects

Hope the teaching faternity will start the auspicious work of serving the community in these tough times in a proper way and make no haste or mistake.

Masood Ali Mir is a freelancer and a social activist and can be mailed at [email protected]




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